How Dell Unified Workspace Simplifies IT Management!

One of the first big announcements on the first day of Dell Technologies World 2019 was the introduction of the Dell Unified Workspace.

Here is a quick primer on Dell Unified Workspace, and how it will transform IT deployment and management!


Dell Unified Workspace – Designed To Greatly Simplify IT Management!

The goal of Dell Unified Workspace is simple – to help IT departments deliver a better end-user computing experience with less work and frustration on both sides.

IT departments have always been mired in keeping the wheels greased and the computers running, instead of actually improving the end-users’ productivity.

Dell Unified Workspace is designed to change all that, by providing a way for IT admins to automatically and intelligently assist their end-users with :

  • device selection and/or deployment
  • device security initiatives and/or maintenance
  • end-user service and support

Best of all, Dell Unified Workspace works no matter what mix of devices and operating systems are used. It even supports different cloud environments.

Greater Visibility + Reduced Workload

Dell Unified Workspace will allow IT departments to streamline time-consuming, complex and yet critical tasks with capabilities that provide visibility, insights and automation.

Cloud-Based PC Deployment + Management

Traditional PC lifecycle management (PCLM) is complex, expensive and does not scale to mobile and remote workers.

VMware Workspace ONE, which forms the backbone of Dell Unified Workspace, lets customers modernise how they deploy, manage and secure their Dell devices.

Once a Dell device is deployed, Workspace ONE’s unified endpoint management capabilities gives customers access to :

  • cloud policy management,
  • streamlined application delivery,
  • automated patching
  • improved device health monitoring and diagnostics

Workspace ONE also lets the user seamlessly access any native, SaaS (Software as a Service), or internal application, with a single sign-on from any device.

Data-Driven Insights In Unified Workspace

Data collected about how employees use their PCs – like battery consumption, storage utilisation, mobility requirements, and most frequently-used applications – will provide insights what each employee really needs.

This will help companies intelligently select the right PC and applications for each individual employee and ship it, preconfigured directly at a Dell factory, to the employee.

This data-driven, low-touch experience will help IT departments same time and money. It will also let users be immediately productive on powering up their new devices.

Dell estimates that this feature alone will save up to nearly a week of IT time per 1,000 devices deployed.

BIOS Security With Dell SafeBIOS

With Unified Workspace, Dell Technologies is introducing a new capability to Dell SafeBIOS – an off-host BIOS verification utility that is available as a standalone download, and also integrated with VMware Workspace ONE, Secureworks and CrowdStrike.

This new integration provides greater visibility into the integrity of the BIOS. Security operations can now proactively detect attacks against the BIOS using the CrowdStrike console, with insights from Secureworks.

If there is a security concern, IT departments can use Workspace ONE to push over-the-air (OTA) updates to secure vulnerable devices, or bring out-of-compliance devices back into compliance.

Dell Unified Workspace Offers Predictive + Proactive Support Capabilities

Dell Unified Workspace offers predictive and proactive support capabilities that becomes more insightful, actionable and personalised over time as more data is gathered.

According to Dell, Dell ProSupport Plus with SupportAssist has helped customers reduce time to resolve a failed hard disk drive up to 10X faster.


Dell Unified Workspace Availability

  • Dell Provisioning for VMware Workspace ONE, ProDeploy Client Suite, ProSupport Suite for PCs, and the Dell SafeBIOS downloadable verification utility are currently available.
  • The verification utility integration with VMware Workspace ONE, Secureworks and CrowdStrike will be available in Q2 CY19.
  • Dell SafeGuard and Response is generally available.


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