Dell Technologies World 2019 : Key Videos + Announcements!

Held in Las Vegas, Dell Technologies World 2019 is the biggest Dell Technologies conference with over 15,000 attendees! Here are the key videos and announcements from DTW 2019!

Dell Technologies World 2019 : Key Videos + Announcements!

This is an on-going article, which we will update regularly as we process the videos and articles. So make sure you check back later, for more updates!

Updated @ 2019-05-15 : Added the The Human-Machine Partnership section.

Updated @ 2019-05-09 : Added the Microsoft-Dell Partnership section.

Updated @ 2019-05-07 : Added the Dell Technologies World 2019 Q&A section.

Updated @ 2019-05-04 : Added the Dell Technologies Cloud and VMware Cloud on Dell EMC section.

Updated @ 2019-05-01 : Added the Dell Unified Workspace section.

Originally posted @ 2019-04-30


Dell Technologies World 2019 Pre-Conference Briefing

Before Dell Technologies World 2019 kicked off, Dell arranged for an in-depth pre-conference briefing. It summarises the key announcements they would make at DTW 2019.


The Michael Dell Keynote @ Dell Technologies World 2019

The first keynote of Dell Technologies World 2019 was, naturally, by Michael Dell himself.


Dell Unified Workspace

The first major reveal, and this is a big one, was the new Dell Unified Workspace. It is a new platform that will intelligently help IT departments customise and provision new devices for individual users, with all of the apps they need to get working right away.

It also leverages VMware’s Workspace ONE unified endpoint management to maintain the user’s devices in good health, while allowing them to seamlessly access any native, SaaS (Software as a Service), or internal application, with a single sign-on from any device.

For more details on Dell Unified Workspace, read our article – Dell Unified Workspace To Greatly Simplify IT Management!


Dell Technologies Cloud + VMware Cloud on Dell EMC

Dell Technologies Cloud is a new set of cloud infrastructure solutions that leverages VMware and Dell EMC technologies to deliver a consistent hybrid cloud management platform.

This lets customers reduce the complexity of managing multiple cloud services – public cloud, private cloud and the edge – regardless of location.

Dell also announced a Data Center-as-a-Service (DCaaS) option, in the form of VMware Cloud on Dell EMC. This introduces the public cloud delivery model to on-premises and edge locations. For more details, read our articles :


Satya Nadella On The 2019 Microsoft – Dell Partnership New!

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella joined Michael Dell and Pat Gelsinger to talk about the expanded partnership between Microsoft and Dell Technologies.

One of the key announcements of the expanded partnership was the availability of VMware on Azure, in the form of Azure VMware Solutions!

They also revealed new workspace solutions, with VMware Workspace ONE having the ability to manage and secure Microsoft 365 across devices. For more details, please read our article The 2019 Microsoft – Dell Partnership : All You Need To Know!


Dell Technologies World 2019 Q&A Session

After their keynote, Michael Dell, Jeff Clarke and Pat Gelsinger, held a Q&A session for the press and analysts.


The Human-Machine Partnership by Erik Brynjolfsson + Rana el Kaliouby

We were lucky enough to snag a seat at the talk by MIT Professor Erik Brynjolfsson; and MIT alumni and Affectiva CEO, Rana el Kaliouby, on human-machine partnershipThis is a video you must not miss!

For a summary of their key points, read our article – The Human-Machine Partnership by Erik Brynjolfsson + Rana el Kaliouby


More Coming Up!

Dell Technologies World 2019 ran for a full 3 days, culminating in an exclusive concert with AJR and Imagine Dragons! So keep checking back for more updates in the coming days!


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