Dell Offers Two DFS Flexi Options In These Countries!

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Dell Technologies just announced that Dell Financial Services (DFS) will be made available in 7 additional countries, with two flexible consumption models!


Dell Offers Two DFS Flexi Options In These Countries!

With this announcement, Dell partners will be able to offer two Dell Financial Services flexible consumption models :

  • Pay As You Grow : Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, Thailand and South Korea
  • Flex On Demand : Japan, Australia, New Zealand

Dell Offers Two DFS Flexi Options In These Countries!

These Dell Financial Services flexible consumption offerings will help Dell partners improve their finances, earn more incentives and establish greater control over their sales and margins.

They will also help Dell customers adopting new technologies, and get a head-start in the digital economy with flexible and predictable costs.


DFS Pay As You Grow

The DFS Pay As You Grow model provides customers with custom payment solutions to support forecasted growth, with flexible deployment schedules and pre-provisioned upgrades.

This model caters to customers with long procurement cycles, and provides peace of mind with buffer capacity.

It is currently available in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Korea.


DFS Flex on Demand

The DFS Flex on Demand model is available for all Dell Technologies storage solutions and certain storage products.

It lets customers pay only for the storage capacity needed, which reduces costs associated with over provisioning.

More importantly, DFS Flex on Demand provides instant access to additional buffer capacity during spikes in usage, with payments adjusting to match actual usage.

This model offers a low capacity commitment and a flexible payment period, so customers pay only for what they consume.

This program is currently available in Australia, New Zealand and Japan.


Dell Working Capital Solutions

Dell Technologies is also offering end-to-end channel financing through the Dell Working Capital Solutions program.

Dell partners can obtain adaptive credit capacity with the ability to scale their credit limit up or down. It also provides extended payment terms, helping Dell partners manage cash flow and take on bigger deals from their customers.


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