2018 Dell DT Index For Malaysia Reveals Uphill Struggle

At an exclusive briefing today, Dell Technologies revealed their DT Index findings for Malaysia, with a very sobering picture of an uphill struggle for the digital transformation of Malaysian businesses going forward.

2018 Dell DT Index For Malaysia Reveals Uphill Struggle


What Is The Dell DT Index?

The DT Index is short for the Dell Technologies Digital Transformation Index. Conducted by independent research company, Vanson Bourne, and in collaboration with Intel, the DT Index maps the digital transformation progress of mid- to large-sized companies, and looks at the confidence of their leaders in digitally transforming their companies.

The DT Index’s calculations are based on the surveyed companies’ perceived performance in the following areas :

  • delivering against the core attributes of a digital business
  • their existing IT strategy
  • their workforce transformation strategy
  • their planned investments


The 2018 Dell DT Index For Malaysia Briefing

KT Ong, Country Manager of Dell EMC Malaysia, gave us the key findings of the 2018 Dell DT Index for Malaysia.

Here are the 2018 Dell DT Index’s key findings

  • Only 21% of Malaysian businesses have a clear digital plan and strategy in place; a mere 3% are Digital Leaders
  • One in two Malaysian businesses (51%) are worried they’ll struggle to meet changing customer demands; fear their organisation will get left behind (48%) – all within five years
  • A large percentage (41%) have very few digital investments, with a further 10% lacking a digital plan completely.
  • Business leaders identify lack of budget and resources as the biggest barrier to digital transformation

It’s not all bad news though. Malaysian businesses in the study plan to invest in many digital technologies over the next one to three years :

  • 56% intend to invest in cybersecurity
  • 50% intend to invest in IoT technologies
  • 39% intend to invest in multi-cloud
  • 35% intend to invest in Artificial Intelligence
  • 33% intend to invest in a compute-centric approach to datacenter design and workload enablement / optimisation

In short – while businesses in Malaysia have been slow in digitally transforming themselves, they see a need for that and will be investing to do more in the near future.


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