FIVE Dell AI Experience Zones Launched Across APJ!

In partnership with Intel, Dell Technologies announced the launch of five Dell AI Experience Zones across the APJ region!

Here is a quick primer on the new Dell AI Experience Zones, and what they mean for organisations in the APJ region!


The APJ Region – Ripe For Artificial Intelligence

According to the Dell Technologies Digital Transformation Index, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be amongst the top spending priorities for business leaders in APJ.

Half of those surveyed plan to invest in AI in the next one to three years, as part of their digital transformation strategy. However, 95% of companies face a lack of in-house expertise in AI.

This is where the five new Dell AI Experience Zones come in…


The Dell AI Experience Zones

The new AI Experience Zones are designed to offer both customers and partners a comprehensive look at the latest AI technologies and solutions.

Built into the existing Dell Technologies Customer Solution Centres, they will showcase how the Dell EMC High-Performance Computing (HPC) and AI ecosystem can help them address business challenges and seize opportunities.

All five AI Experience Zones are equipped with technology demonstrations built around the latest Dell EMC PowerEdge servers. Powered by the latest Intel Xeon Scalable processors, they are paired with advanced, open-source AI software like VINO, as well as Dell EMC networking and storage technologies.

Customers and partners who choose to leverage the new AI Experience Zones will receive help in kickstarting their AI initiatives, from design and AI expert engagements, to masterclass training, installation and maintenance.

“The timely adoption of AI will create new opportunities that will deliver concrete business advantages across all industries and business functions,” says Chris Kelly, vice president, Infrastructure Solutions Group, Dell Technologies, APJ.

“Companies looking to thrive in a data drive era need to understand that investments in AI are no longer optional – they are business critical. Whilst complex in nature, it is imperative that companies quickly start moving from theoretical AI strategies to practical deployments to stay ahead of the curve.”


Dell AI Experience Zones In APJ

The five new AI Experience Zones that Dell Technologies and Intel announced are located within the Dell Technologies Customer Solution Centres in these cities :

  • Bangalore
  • Seoul
  • Singapore
  • Sydney
  • Tokyo


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