Dell 2030 Progress Made Real Goals Revealed!

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Dell Technologies just revealed their moonshot goals for 2030, that they hope will propel their worldwide social impact.

Find out what are Dell Technologies’ moonshot goals in their 2030 Progress Made Real plan!


Dell 2030 Progress Made Real : What Is It?

The Dell 2030 Progress Made Real plan is their moonshot plan for the future, by which they hope to create a positive social impact through these 3 areas :

  • Advancing Sustainability
  • Cultivating Inclusion
  • Transforming Lives With Technology

Dell 2030 Progress Made Real Goals Revealed!


Dell 2030 Progress Made Real : Goals Revealed!

Over the next decade, Dell Technologies will aim to use their global scale, and broad technology portfolio and expertise to achieve these goals.

Advance Sustainability Goals

We have a responsibility to protect and enrich our planet together with our customers, suppliers and communities.

It is a core part of Dell Technologies business to embed sustainability and ethical practices into all that they do, being accountable for their actions while driving improvements wherever and whenever possible.

  • Recycle an equivalent product for every product a customer buys
  • Lead the circular economy with more than half of all product content being made from recycled or renewable material
  • Use 100% recycled or renewable material in all packaging
  • Deliver future-ready skills development for workers in their supply chain
  • Drive a comprehensive science-based climate program, setting emissions goals across facilities, supply chain and operations to customer use of their products including partnering with suppliers to meet a greenhouse gas emissions reduction target of 60% per unit revenue by 2030

Dell 2030 Progress Made Real Goals Revealed!

Cultivate Inclusion

Dell Technologies believes that closing the diversity gap is critical to meeting future talent needs. They view diversity and inclusion as a business imperative that will enable them to build and empower our future workforce, while also doing our part to address societal challenges.

  • Acquire, develop and retain women so they account for 50% of the company’s global workforce and 40% of global people managers
  • Acquire, develop and retain black/African American and Hispanic team members so they account for 25% of the company’s U.S. workforce and 15% of U.S. people managers
  • Educate 95% of all team members on an annual basis about unconscious bias, harassment, micro-aggressions and privilege

Transform Lives Through Technology

Dell aims to leverage their scale, portfolio and partners to harness the power of technology in creating a future that is capable of fully realizing human potential.

  • Advance the health, education and economic opportunity of 1 billion people
  • Digitally transform 1,000 non-profit organisations
  • Achieve 75% team member participation in charitable giving and volunteerism in communities


Dell 2030 Progress Made Real : Ethics + Privacy

Ethics and privacy are key to the Dell 2030 Progress Made Real plan.

They intend to set the pace in privacy and transparency by fully automating data control processes, making it easier for customers to access, delete, or share their personal data.

They will also use digital tools to make it easier to get insights from, measure and monitor compliance issues using digital data.


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