DAP Selangor Offers Legal Help For RM10K SOP Fine!

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DAP Selangor is offering legal help for those who received the recently-increased RM10,000 fine for not complying with the COVID-19 SOP!

This is an alternative legal avenue for those who received a compound, even if they followed the SOP.


DAP Selangor Offers Legal Help For RM10K SOP Fine!

On 13 March 2021, Selangor assemblywoman Wong Siew Ki, announced that the Selangor DAP Legal Bureau is ready to help assist those who received the RM10,000 compound anyway.

Biro Bantuan Guaman DAP Selangor bersedia menolong Rakyat yang dikena kompaun RM10k walaupun dia tidak melanggari SOP. Sila beritahu kami jika ada kes sebegini.


கோவிட் -19 எஸ்ஓபி-ஐ (SOP) மீறவில்லை என்ற போதிலும் ரிம. 10 ஆயிரம் அபராதம் விதிக்கப்பட்ட மக்களுக்கு சட்ட உதவிகளை வழங்கும் பரிந்துரையை சிலங்கூர் மாநில ஜசெக (DAP) அங்கீகரித்துள்ளது. அத்தகைய வழக்கு உள்ளவர்கள் எங்களிடம் தெரியப்படுத்தலாம்.

Selangor DAP Legal Bureau is here to help those who followed SOP but yet being issued RM10k compound. Let us know if there’s case(s) like this

💻[email protected]

DAP Selangor Offers Legal Help For RM10K SOP Fine!

As helpful as this may be, you should first appeal the SOP fine at the nearest District Health Office.

In case of a mistake, the District Health Officer can cancel the compound.

Even if you did not comply with the SOP, they can reduce the fine based on your appeal.


DAP Selangor Help : For Those Who Followed SOP

Do note that the offer of legal assistance by the Selangor DAP Legal Bureau is for those who followed SOP, but received the RM 10,000 fine anyway.

You may wonder – how is that possible?

A notable example may be the case of Bernard He who received a RM 1,000 fine earlier for standing 0.8 metre apart in a queue.

Technically, that is not in compliance with physical distancing rule of at least 1 metre apart, but he was merely following the designated queue box.

The numerous changes in the CMCO and RMCO SOP can also confuse the police, so mistakes are certainly possible.

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