RM4K Fine For Family Of 4 At Restaurant During CMCO? 🤔

The CMCO SOP limits restaurants to 4 people per large table, so is it possible for a family of 4 to get fined RM 1,000 per person for dining at a restaurant?


Claim : RM4K Fine For Family Of 4 At Restaurant During CMCO

This was the claim that has gone viral on WhatsApp :

A family of 4 went to celebrate Birthday dinner at a restaurant in 2 cars . Police came to check and since their ic have to same address , each of them is fined RM1000. Reason is only 2 in 1 family can go out each time during CMCO.

File picture of police at a restaurant. Not related to article.


The CMCO SOP On Family Dining In A Restaurant

The new CMCO SOP for Peninsular Malaysia is a little different from the earlier Klang Valley CMCO SOP.

Yes, there is still a 4 person limit for large tables, but there is a new limit of 2 persons from each household allowed to dine in a restaurant.

You can compare the two rules in page 3 and page 1 of the Peninsular Malaysia CMCO SOP below.

And here is our video with English translations of the CMCO SOP.


Restaurant Dining Limit During CMCO : Our Verdict

It appears that yes, you can be fined RM1,000 per person for dining in a restaurant, if there are more than 2 persons from the same household at the same table.

A family dining together at the same table is no different from staying in the same house, and definitely not as risky than two different couples, or four friends, dining at the same table.

However, it appears that CPRC and MKN want to prevent families from going out, period.

That’s why in addition to the 2-person per household limit to leave the house, they specifically extended that limit to dining in restaurants, cafes and other eateries.

Will they change their minds like the requirement to scan MySejahtera at petrol stations? Time will tell…

But for now, families should NOT eat together in restaurants. Stay safe, everyone!


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