Introducing The CHEAPER Maxis Fibre Broadband Plans!

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FINALLY! Maxis just launched new Maxis Fibre Broadband plans that are MUCH CHEAPER! Check out the details below!


CHEAPER Maxis Fibre Broadband Plans!

Starting 20 August 2018, Maxis now offers cheaper high-speed fibre broadband plans for both consumers and businesses without restrictions, and an ‘Always On’ promise. Both the new Maxis Fibre Broadband consumer and business fibre plans are available in speeds of up to 100Mbps, at prices 36% – 65% lower than previous similar plans.

Introducing The CHEAPER Maxis Fibre Broadband Plans!

For consumers, the 100 Mbps plan comes at RM 129 per month, and 30 Mbps at RM89 per month.

Business customers meanwhile can take up the 100 Mbps plan for just RM 139 per month, and 30 Mbps for RM 99 per month, inclusive of business grade service options of ‘Always On’ and ‘peace of mind’ benefits.


Maxis Fibre Broadband For Home

The new home fibre plans come with unlimited Internet, allowing consumers to enjoy as much Internet access as they want, a dual-band WiFi router to maximize the higher broadband speeds, and Maxperts, Internet specialists who ensure the fibre experience starts right and stays right with end-to-end installation and assurance support.

These new broadband speeds enable high resolution streaming, simultaneous device usage, lag-free gaming, and more. The 100 Mbps plan comes with unlimited voice calls and a free DECT phone, whereas customers who take up the 30 Mbps plan can choose to add this feature.

MaxisONE Home Fibre
MaxisONE Home Fibre
Download Speed Up to 30 Mbps Up to 100 Mbps
Upload speed
Up to 30Mbps
Up to 30 Mbps Up to 50 Mbps
Quota Unlimited Unlimited
Local voice calls Pay per use
RM 10 / mth for unlimited calls
Unlimited calls
Price RM 89 / month RM 129 / month
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Maxis Fibre Broadband For Business

The new business fibre proposition offers multiple business grade benefits – ‘Always On’ connectivity for complete business continuity, Maxperts technical support and a future proof business grade router which will enable additional speed upgrades as they become available, with the additional flexible option to choose multiple solutions add-ons based on their specific business needs.

The 100 Mbps package is a complete offering for any business that includes the above in addition to unlimited calls to all networks.

ONEBusiness Fibre
ONEBusiness Fibre
Speed 30Mbps 100Mbps
Price RM 99 / month RM 139 / month
What you get
  • FREE wireless back-up internet
  • FREE router
  • Next Day Internet (available 18 Sept onwards)
Unlimited domestic voice calls Add on for RM10 per month FREE
Maxperts Service
  • FREE consultation & configuration services if you are switching over
  • FREE installation

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