The Carousell Rights Owners Programme (CROP) Explained!

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In response to the sale of counterfeit goods on their platform, Carousell introduced the Carousell Rights Owners Programme (CROP).

Find out what the Carousell Rights Owners Programme is all about, and what it means to brands and Carousell buyers and sellers!


The Carousell Rights Owners Programme (CROP)

In response to criticism that a number of sellers on their platforms were selling counterfeit goods, Carousell initiated the Carousell Rights Owners Programme (CROP) in December 2018.

Under the Carousell Rights Owners Programme (CROP), trusted brands are given the power to directly remove listings of counterfeits on Carousell with zero processing time.

The Carousell Rights Owners Programme (CROP) Explained!

CROP gives brands assurance that their rights are being protected, and Carousell users the confidence to buy and sell legitimate goods on the platform.


Why Carousell Created CROP

Carousell officially had prohibited selling counterfeit goods or replicas that violate intellectual property rights. However, prior to CROP, it required a lengthy process of flagging the item to the actual takedown by the Carousell brand protection team.

CROP drastically reduces the time needed to takedown counterfeit listings, and obviates the need for them to expand their brand protection team. In the last nine months, brands have used CROP to take down 13,000 listings.

Carousell has only allowed a selected number of brands to join CROP and access its content moderation tools. They include Nike, Grab and luxury group Kering which owns brands like Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Balenciaga and Bottega Veneta.

However, Carousell did not detail any recourse for sellers whose genuine items were wrongly identified as counterfeits, and taken down by CROP.


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