Confirmed : Apple Pay Is Launching Soon In Malaysia!

Multiple leaks confirm that Apple Pay is launching soon in Malaysia! Here is what you need to know…


Leaks Confirm Apple Pay Is Launching Soon In Malaysia!

Multiple leaks have more or less let the cat out of the bag – that Apple Pay is launching soon in Malaysia!

This would make Malaysia the second country in Southeast Asia to support Apple Pay, and the 10th territory in Asia, after Australia, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Japan, Kazakhstan, New Zealand and Singapore.

AmBank Sent Apple Pay SMS

The first to leak was AmBank, when they sent out an SMS to their customers in July 2022, prematurely telling them that they can now use Apple Pay.

It appeared to have been a test run that ran awry, as their Apple Pay website was not yet ready. But it alerted everyone to the fact that Apple Pay is coming to Malaysia.

Shopee Added Apple Pay As Payment Option

The second to leak was Shopee, which released an Apple Pay option in version 2.91.28 of their app on 2 August 2022.

If you tap on it, you will simply be asked to “ensure there’s an active card in your Apple Pay wallet to proceed“.

Of course, you can’t actually add any credit / debit card to your Apple Pay wallet yet, but you can see that it is listed as a payment option.

Maxis Accidentally Promotes Apple Pay As Payment Option

On 5 August 2022, a Maxis Centre accidentally put out a cardboard sign announcing “Apple Pay accepted here“.

The tweet was deleted by its poster, but the cardboard sign was traced to the Sri Muda Maxis Centre in Shah Alam.

sorry guys had to delete the tweets atas permintaan pihak tertentu. but don’t worry cuz apple pay is coming soon to Malaysia!

AmBank Released Their Apple Pay Portal!

On 8 August 2022, AmBank (accidentally?) released their Apple Pay portal, confirming that the contactless payment system is ready to launch in Malaysia!

The AmBank Apple Pay portal has now been removed, but here are some of the details it revealed :

  • There is no transaction limit for Apple Pay, as opposed to a transaction limit of RM250 per purchase, with a RM750 daily limit, for other contactless payment platforms.
  • There is also no transaction limit for online purchases using Apple Pay through your iPhone, iPad or Mac computer.
  • AmBank also offered some promotions, including cash back for the first purchase using Apple Pay.
  • There were two unlisted YouTube videos (now removed) showing how to pay for your purchases using Apple Pay. Basically:
    a) Look for the Apple Pay and EMV contactless payment logos at the retailer
    b) Simply tap your iPhone or Apple Watch on the credit card terminal to pay
    c) Use either Face ID, Touch ID or your passcode to verify the payment


Apple Pay Is Now Available In Malaysia!

You would have thought that AmBank would have learned from their July 2022 SMS mistake, but no… they didn’t.

Then again, they may have “accidentally” leaked the Apple Pay website to drum up some hype ahead of the official launch.

These “accidents” have a habit of happening…

In any case, Apple Pay is now available in Malaysia, even though there was no official launch!

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Most likely, Apple will roll it out in Malaysia with the next iOS update – probably iOS 15.6.1.

Currently iOS 15.6 does not support Apple Pay in Malaysia. When you try to add a debit / credit card to the Wallet app, you get this pop-up :

To add cards, keys, tickets and passes to Wallet, look for the Add to Wallet button in apps, emails and websites.

Until Apple adds this functionality through an iOS update for Malaysia, there is simply no way to add any card to the Wallet app.


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