AMD Financial Analyst Day 2020 : What You Need To Know!

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AMD just concluded their 2020 Financial Analyst Day, revealing plans for the next-generation CPU and GPU roadmaps, as well as the investments they are making to drive future products!

Here is a summary of what was revealed at the AMD Financial Analyst Day 2020!

AMD Financial Analyst Day 2020 : What You Need To Know!


AMD Financial Analyst Day 2020 : The Full Briefing!

Most people cannot make it to AMD Financial Analyst Day 2020, so if you want to watch it all – here’s the full 3 hour-long presentation!


AMD Financial Analyst Day 2020 : What You Need To Know!

And here is a summary of what AMD revealed in their Financial Analyst 2020 presentation :

Computing Technology Updates

  • AMD plans to introduce the first processors based on its next-generation Zen 3 core in late 2020.
  • The Zen 4 core is currently in design and is targeted to use advanced 5nm process technology.
  • AMD unveiled plans to expand its chiplet and die stacking leadership, including new X3D packaging that combines chiplets and hybrid 2.5D and 3D die stacking to deliver more than a 10x increase in bandwidth density.
  • AMD announced its upcoming 3rd Generation AMD Infinity Architecture with optimized CPU and GPU memory coherency that can enable significant performance improvements and simplify the software programming required for accelerated computing solutions by allowing the CPU and GPU to seamlessly and coherently share the same memory.
  • AMD is building on its strong product security portfolio with expanded features. AMD announced it joined the Confidential Computing Consortium, a group of leading hardware and software companies working to close gaps to protect data through its entire lifecycle.

Graphics Technology Updates

  • The AMD Radeon DNA (AMD RDNA) architecture was designed for gaming and is currently powering the award-winning AMD Radeon RX 5000 series GPUs.

The Official AMD Radeon RX 5500 Series Tech Briefing!

  • The next-generation AMD RDNA 2 architecture is planned to deliver a 50% performance-per-watt improvement over the first-generation AMD RDNA architecture. It will support hardware-accelerated ray tracing, variable rate shading (VRS) and other advanced features. The first AMD RDNA 2-based products are expected to launch in late 2020.
  • AMD unveiled its new AMD Compute DNA (AMD CDNA) architecture, designed to accelerate data center compute workloads. The first-generation AMD CDNA architecture, planned to launch later this year, includes 2nd Generation AMD Infinity Architecture to enhance GPU to GPU connectivity and is optimized for machine learning and high-performance computing applications. The follow-up AMD CDNA 2 architecture will support 3rd Generation AMD Infinity Architecture to enable next generation exascale-class supercomputers.
  • Expanding on previous generations of the ROCm open source software platform for the data center, AMD plans to introduce ROCm 4.0 later this year as a complete software solution for high-performance computing exascale systems and machine learning workloads.

Data Center Market Updates

  • AMD is powering the future of exascale computing with its CPU, GPU, interconnects and software products, including the recently announced El Capitan supercomputer at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Expected to come online in 2023, El Capitan is expected to deliver more than 2 exaFLOPs of double-precision performance, making it more powerful than today’s 200 fastest supercomputers combined.

El Capitan Supercomputer : AMD Selected As Node Supplier!

  • AMD is continuing to gain traction with its 2nd Generation AMD EPYC processors in enterprise, cloud and HPC markets based on delivering performance leadership and TCO advantages across the most important enterprise and cloud workloads. In 2020 we expect more than 150 AMD EPYC processor-powered cloud instances and 140 server platforms to be available.

AMD EPYC 7002 Series Price + Specifications Summarised!

  • AMD is unlocking accelerated computing with new technologies including AMD CDNA architecture, 3rd Generation Infinity Architecture and the ROCm 4.0 software platform, all of which will support the AMD-powered Frontier and El Capitan supercomputers.

Computing Market Updates

  • Since 2017, AMD has nearly doubled both client unit shipments and market share, built off a broad portfolio of performance-leading desktop, high-end desktop (HEDT) and notebook processors.
  • AMD expects to grow its performance leadership with the ramp of its 7nm Zen 2-based 3rd Generation AMD Ryzen processors designed specifically for desktops and notebooks across the consumer and commercial segments

AMD Ryzen 5 3500X : China Only Model Goes Global!

  • AMD is on track to bring increased performance to the gaming, content creation and productivity markets when it delivers the first Zen 3-based AMD Ryzen product in 2020.

Graphics Market Updates

  • AMD partners with world-class brands to bring AMD Radeon graphics to more than 500 million gamers on the most popular devices, with the opportunity to address 2.5 billion gamers worldwide.
  • With Microsoft and Sony, AMD has established long-term relationships to continue market leadership as the number one silicon provider for game consoles.
  • AMD plans to deliver a full stack of high-performance, AMD RDNA architecture-powered graphics products to further expand the AMD Radeon install base.
  • AMD RDNA 2-based Navi 2X GPUs will bring uncompromised 4K gaming, new features including hardware-based ray tracing support and a significant performance uplift.

COVID-19 Statement

AMD expects the impact from COVID-19 in the first quarter to be modest, potentially resulting in revenue coming in at the lower end of the guidance of approximately $1.8 billion, plus or minus $50 million. Full year 2020 financial guidance remains unchanged.


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