AMD Datacenter Leadership In 2020 & Beyond!

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AMD Senior VP and General Manager Forrest Norrod just shared AMD’s datacenter leadership with EPYC and Radeon Instinct, and AMD’s datacenter roadmap beyond 2020!


Forrest Norrod : Senior VP + GM, AMD Datacenter + Embedded Solutions Business Group

Forrest Norrod is senior vice president and general manager of the Datacenter and Embedded Solutions Business Group at AMD.

He is responsible for managing all aspects of strategy, business management, engineering and sales for AMD datacenter and embedded products.

AMD Datacenter Leadership In 2020 & Beyond!

Norrod has more than 25 years of technology industry experience across a number of engineering and business management roles at both the chip and system level.


AMD Datacenter Leadership In 2020 & Beyond!

During AMD Financial Analyst Day 2020, Forrest Norrod shared AMD’s datacenter leadership with EPYC and Radeon Instinct, and AMD’s datancenter roadmap in this presentation.

Here are the key points from Forrest Norrod’s presentation :

  • AMD won the contract to power the recently announced El Capitan supercomputer at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory with EPYC processors and Radeon Instinct GPUs.
  • Expected to come online in 2023, El Capitan is expected to deliver more than 2 exaFLOPs of double-precision performance, making it more powerful than today’s 200 fastest supercomputers combined.

El Capitan Supercomputer : AMD Selected As Node Supplier!

  • AMD is continuing to gain traction with its 2nd Generation AMD EPYC processors in enterprise, cloud and HPC markets based on delivering performance leadership and TCO advantages across the most important enterprise and cloud workloads.
  • AMD EPYC is enabling Nokia to double the performance of their 5G Cloud Packet Core.
  • In 2020 AMD expects more than 150 AMD EPYC processor-powered cloud instances and 140 server platforms to be available.

AMD EPYC 7002 Series Price + Specifications Summarised!

  • AMD is introducing new technologies including AMD CDNA architecture, 3rd Generation Infinity Architecture and the ROCm 4.0 software platform, all of which will support the AMD-powered Frontier and El Capitan supercomputers.
  • AMD plans to ship the 3rd Gen AMD EPYC “Milan” processor in Late 2020, and it will provide 100% coverage of enterprise requirements – whether it’s for the cloud, HPC or enterprise IT.
  • Milan will remain on the 7 nm process, but the next-generation Genda core (Zen 4) will use the 5 nm process technology.

AMD EPYC roadmap 2020 and beyond

  • The AMD CDNA architecture will allow for better scalability, with accelerators fully interconnected with 2nd Gen Infinity Architecture.
  • But the next-generation AMD CDNA 2 architecture will allow for Unified Data, with CPU + GPU coherency with 3rd Gen Infinity Architecture – allowing for easier programming and improved performance.


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