How 5G Will Change Our Lives + Future!

At Dell Technologies World 2019, Harvard professor Jonathan Zittrain moderated a high-powered panel that discussed how 5G will change our lives and future.

If you are interested in 5G technology, and its impact on our future, check out the full video of their discussion!


How 5G Will Change Our Lives + Future!

Despite a shaky start, thanks to the HUAWEI Trump ban, 5G is the future. A large part of Dell Technologies World 2019 was dedicated to the topic of 5G and its impact on consumers and businesses worldwide.

One of the key guru sessions that Dell sponsored was this discussion on how 5G will change our lives and future. Check it out!

This 5G guru session was moderated by Jonathan Zittrain, the George Bemis Professor of International Law at Harvard Law School. He is also a professor at the Harvard Kennedy School, Professor of Computer Science at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

Joining him on this high-powered panel on 5G’s impact on our lives and future were :

  • Caroline Chan, Vice President of the Intel Data Center Group, and General Manager of the Intel Network Business Incubator Division
  • Eliza McNitt, writer and director, a 2018 Emmy Awards Finalist and winner of the VR Grand Prize at The Venice Film Festival.
  • John Ellis, Founder and Managing Director of Ellis & Associates. Formerly the global technologist and head of the Ford Developer Program, he is an author, futurist and expert on big data.


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