Here Are The 2019 Virtustream Multicloud Survey Results!

The 2019 Virtustream Multicloud Survey results was just announced with some interesting insights into the multicloud strategies being employed globally. Here is our quick primer on what the study revealed!


The 2019 Virtustream Multicloud Survey

Virtustream, a Dell Technologies company, commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct their latest global survey of the multicloud strategy of more than 700 companies globally.

Virtustream commissioned the survey to study the current state of enterprise IT strategies for cloud-based workloads.


The 2019 Virtustream Multicloud Survey Summarised

The survey report, titled Multicloud Drive Mission-Critical Benefits, found that :

  • almost all (97%) of those companies used multicloud strategies in their mission-critical applications.
  • two thirds use multiple vendors for mission-critical workloads
  • multicloud deployments will increase over the next few years, with businesses expanding their multicloud budgets for staffing, investments and training
  • nearly 90% of companies surveyed will maintain or increase their budget to boost their multicloud deployments
  • nearly 75% of companies surveyed are using multiple cloud providers for mission-critical applications
  • nearly 61% of companies surveyed were concerned about security and management of their multicloud strategies.


Benefits Of Multicloud Strategies For Mission-Critical Applications

A majority of business organizations shared that multicloud strategies was used in mission-critical cases that involved customers’ financial data or sales applications.

In fact, the survey found that nearly 75% of business organisations are using about 2-3 cloud providers for business-critical applications.

Among the main benefits of using multicloud strategies were quick and efficient response to business changes and challenges.

An increased performance and savings in operational costs were also counted as additional benefits.


Security + Management Concerns In The 2019 Virtustream Multicloud Survey

Management and deployment of multicloud strategies are complex, which is why many business organisations face issues with its implementation.

Although nearly 61% respondents admit that multicloud strategies complements their own business objectives, there were still concerns of security and management.

Thus, many companies are planning to increase qualified and skilled staff to support their multicloud strategies, and work with cloud vendors with proper expertise and experience.

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