The 2019 Fibrenation Plans + Devices From Maxis Revealed!

It has arrived! The 2019 Maxis Fibrenation plans and devices have just been announced for both homes and businesses!

Here is our primer on the 2019 Maxis Fibrenation plans and devices!


The 2019 Maxis Fibrenation Plans

Maxis just introduced three new 2019 Fibrenation packages for high-speed Internet at home :

  • 300 Mbps – RM 149 per month
  • 500 Mbps – RM 219 per month
  • 800 Mbps – RM 299 per month

Businesses also get the option to subscribe to the three higher speeds, at higher price points :

  • 300 Mbps – RM 199 per month
  • 500 Mbps – RM 269 per month
  • 800 Mbps – RM 349 per month

The 2019 Fibrenation Mesh WiFi Devices

All the existing and new plans are made to be paired with a mesh WiFi device, which improves coverage and amplifies WiFi signals in every home or office.

The mesh network is scalable, so you can keep adding as many mesh WiFi devices as you want to it!

  • The 500Mbps and 800Mbps home fibre plans will come with two FREE mesh WiFi devices!
  • All 2019 Fibrenation plans for businesses will come with two FREE mesh WiFi devices, as well as FREE Internet Security protection.

Every home and business customer will also enjoy FREE installation by Maxperts who will make sure that the WiFi system is optimally set up. Sounds like a good deal right?

The Maxis ONEBusiness Voice Plan

Maxis also introduced ONEBusiness Voice, which is a plan that converts businesses’ fixed voice services to a cloud-based multi-line IP voice service.

This package offers an affordable voice package with FREE calls and FREE hardware (bundled analog telephone adapter and office phone).

Companies can save up to 40% on office phone bills and reduce costs of hardware such as PABX with this Maxis ONEBusiness Voice plan.


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