1 Utama : No Delta Variant COVID-19 Infections!

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Were Delta variant COVID-19 infections detected at AEON 1 Utama, or the 1 Utama Shopping Centre?

Take a look at the viral claim, and find out what the FACTS really are!


Rumour : 50+ Delta Variant COVID-19 Cases @ AEON 1 Utama!

Unverified rumours of over 50 cases of COVID-19 in AEON 1 Utama have circulated on WhatsApp for several days :

According to a friend … Aeon 1U, there are 50+ staff & customers infected with covid positive cases … Those who have been to 1U last few days are advise to go for Covid test …

Don’t go shopping at 1 Utama as there’s a Delta cluster there.

A friend

Apparently there are 50+ staff & customers infected with covid positive cases… Those who have been to 1U last few days are advised to go for Covid test …

They have confirmed that cases in Aeon bandar Utama is Delta Variant.

The Delta variant has been a real concern globally, because it is much more infectious and has been shown to be partially resistant to vaccines.

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AEON 1 Utama : No COVID-19 Delta Variant Infections!


1 Utama : No Delta Variant COVID-19 Infections!

We earlier reported on the rumours of the 50+ COVID-19 cases, when AEON shut down their 1 Utama outlet for three days.

At that time, AEON only stated that their 1 Utama outlet was being closed for “a full sanitisation exercise as part of precautionary measure“.

Their statement, which was not posted in their Facebook page, avoided any mention of COVID-19.

On 7 July 2021, 1 Utama announced that “there is NO confirmed DELTA variant case” at their shopping mall.

However, 1 Utama did not refute the rumours of 50+ COVID-19 cases at their shopping mall recently.

So we can only deduce that AEON 1 Utama was shut down over COVID-19 concerns. Whether there are 50 cases or no cases at all – there’s no way to know.

All we can now confirm is that – no Delta variant case has been reported at the 1 Utama Shopping Centre.

AEON 1 Utama : No COVID-19 Delta Variant Infections!


1 Utama Statement Refuting Delta Variant Claim

Here is the official statement by 1 Utama refuting claims that there was a Delta variant cluster at their shopping mall :

Dear All, we refer to the various messages and unverified rumours circulating over social media and WhatsApp regarding staff and customers being infected with the COVID DELTA variant at 1 Utama.

We wish to state that this is FAKE NEWS and that there is NO confirmed DELTA variant case reported at 1 Utama to date after checking with the Health Department in charge of Petaling District.

We understand that everyone is worried but please stay calm and DO NOT FORWARD unverified messages and rumours as it will create unnecessary anxiety and panic during this challenging time.

Rest assured, we remains fully compliant with all required SOPs to safeguard the health and well-being of our employees, shoppers and tenants. This includes frequent cleaning and sanitisation using hospital grade disinfectants as well as purifying indoor air with comprehensive air filtration systems and UV lights.

Lastly, we urge everyone to adhere to the routine SOP’s and maintain a high standard of personal hygiene so that we could keep each other safe.

Thank you for your continuous support.



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