Yes 4G LTE Prepaid & Postpaid Plans Revealed

Yes 4G LTE Prepaid & Postpaid Plans Revealed

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Yes 4G LTE Postpaid Plans

There will be five Yes 4G LTE postpaid plans, ranging from RM 48 per month all the way to RM 158 per month. What’s really exciting is that they all offer the most mobile Internet quota in the market. Check them out!

Yes takes aim at their rivals by comparing their Postpaid 88 “Hero plan” against their “similar” offers. However, please note that the Yes Postpaid 88 plan actually costs RM 88 per month.

The RM 70 price is after the RM 18 deduction (first 11 months) for the RM 198 you must prepay to receive the free Yes Altitude smartphone. Ultimately, you still end up paying RM 88 per month.

Even though the Yes graphic above is a bit misleading, Yes is undoubtedly offering a lot more data at a much lower price point. Maxis, Digi, Celcom and UMobile will be hard-pressed to charge so much for their plans.

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Yes Altitude Bundles

Yes is currently offering the new Yes Altitude smartphone at a subsidised price of RM 199 (~US$50) with the Yes Postpaid 48 plan.

The Yes Altitude smartphone will come free with the Yes Postpaid 88 plan. However, you must prepay RM 198, which will be refunded in the form of 11 monthly rebates.


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