Travellers Rejoice! WorldKoins Is Here To Take Your Change!

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One of the most irritating aspect of travelling is ending up with loose change at the end of the trip. Money changers just won’t take them, so they end up in jars or at the bottom of your drawer. With an average of 10 million people flying internationally every single day, millions of dollars are literally “lost” every day!

Fortunately, the solution is at hand, and it’s called WorldKoins.


What Is WorldKoins?

WorldKoins is a new crowdsourced service that allows you to convert your unwanted change into credit that can be used to redeem gift cards, vouchers or even donate to worthy causes.


At the end of your trip, just drop all of your change with any nearby DropKoins collector. This way, you will go home with usable credit, instead of unusable change. It’s that simple!


How Does WorldKoins Work?

  • WorldKoins
  • WorldKoins
  • WorldKoins
  1. Download and install the free WorldKoins mobile app from Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.
  2. Open the app and create a new WorldKoins account, or sign in (if you have already registered before).
  3. Use the WorldKoins mobile app to locate and contact nearby DropKoins collectors.
  4. Drop off your leftover change with your preferred DropKoins collector.
  5. The DropKoins collector will validate your transaction on the spot with a verification code.
  6. Your account is credited immediately, and you now make redemptions.

If you do not have sufficient credit to make redemptions, you will be glad to know that the credit have no “expiry date”. Just accumulate until you have enough to make redemptions!

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Screenshots Of The WorldKoins Mobile App

Here are screenshots of the WorldKoins mobile app, with step-by-step instructions on the process.

  • WorldKoins Home screen
  • WorldKoins - Locate a DropKoins collector
  • WorldKoins - After dropping off the change, key in the verification code from the DropKoins collector
  • WorldKoins - Transaction complete
  • WorldKoins - Redeem vouchers or services
  • WorldKoins - Redeem vouchers or services
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