WD Blue SSHD (WD10J31X) 1TB Review Rev. 2.0

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Western Digital has finally moved into the Solid State Hybrid Drive (SSHD) market with their new WD Blue SSHD drives.

The WD Blue family of mainstream 5400 RPM drives is designed for less strenous use at home and in the office. Like their now-discontinued WD Green family, the emphasis is on reduced power consumption , thermal output and cost, instead of high performance.

That changes with the SSHD variant, which pairs a regular WD Blue drive with an 8 GB SSD. These hybrid drives are able to offer pseudo-SSD performance with the storage capacity and lower cost of regular hard disk drives.

WD Blue SSHD (WD10J31X) 1TB Review

The Western Digital Blue SSHD models support the following features :

8 GB NAND flash for blazing performance – An optimal amount of built-in NAND flash SSD technology enables WD Blue SSHDs to perform at up to four to five times faster than traditional 5400 rpm HDDs, based on PCMark Vantage.

Self-learning technology – Utilizing an advanced set of algorithms, WD Blue SSHDs track SSHD data usage, prioritizing frequently used data for fast access in the solid state portion of the device, adapting, learning and optimizing as new applications and command requests change over time. These advanced algorithms reside in the SSHD firmware, enabling it to make intelligent determinations of which data to store in NAND flash memory, without any influence from the host or related storage device drivers. By pairing SSD-like performance with massive hard drive capacity, WD has created an intelligent hybrid drive that truly offers the best of both worlds.

Synergy delivers value – WD Blue SSHD is equipped with the optimal amount of NAND flash to deliver fast, SSD-like performance over high-capacity storage, significantly lowering the $/GB compared to the higher cost and lower capacity of standalone SSDs.

Simple installation with no special software required – The WD Blue SSHD hybrid drive is self-contained in a traditional HDD form factor, and installs as easily as any traditional hard drive without special drivers or downloads required. WD Blue SSHDs are compatible with most typical computer configurations, including PC and Mac.

Today, we will look at the 1 TB WD Blue (WD10J31X) SSHD, which is a 2.5″ drive for laptops. The other member of the WD Blue SSHD family, at this moment, is the 4 TB WD Blue (WD40E31X) SSHD (read our review here), which is a 3.5″ drive for desktops. Let’s see how well the 1 TB WD Blue (WD10J31X) SSHD performs against the main competitor – the 1 TB Seagate Laptop SSHD, as well as other mobile and desktop HDDs!


Specification Comparison

The 1 TB WD Blue (WD10J31X) SSHD is a direct competitor of the 1 TB Seagate Laptop SSHD, so let’s compare their specifications.

SpecificationsWestern Digital Blue SSHD (1 TB)Seagate Laptop SSHD (1 TB)
Model• WD10J31X• ST1000UM000
Advanced Format (AF)• Yes, Emulation Mode• Yes, Emulation Mode
Formatted Capacity• 1,000,204 MB• 1,000,204 MB
Guaranteed Sectors• 1,953,525,168• 1,953,525,168
Bytes Per Sector• 512 bytes (Emulated)
• 4,096 bytes (Physical)
• 512 bytes (Emulated)
• 4,096 bytes (Physical)
Platters• 2 Platters• 2 Platters
Read/Write Heads• 4 Read/Write Heads• 4 Read/Write Heads
Spindle Speed• 5,400 RPM• 5,400 RPM
NAND Cache• 8 GB MLC• 8 GB MLC
• NA• 12.0 ms
Track-to-Track Seek• NA• 2.0 ms (average)
Average Latency• NA• 5.6 ms
Drive Ready Time• NA• < 1.0 seconds (average)
Data Transfer Rate
(Sustained, Maximum)
• 100 MB/s• 100 MB/s
Maximum I/O
Transfer Rate
• 600
• 600
Interface• Serial ATA 6 Gb/s• Serial ATA 6 Gb/s
Supported SATA
Data Transfer Modes
• 6.0 Gbits/s
• 3.0 Gbits/s
• 1.5 Gbits/s
• 6.0 Gbits/s
• 3.0 Gbits/s
• 1.5 Gbits/s
SATA Hotplug
• Yes• Yes
Maximum Height• 9.5 mm
• 0.374 inches
• 9.5 mm
• 0.374 inches
Maximum Width• 69.85 mm
• 2.75 inches
• 69.85 mm
• 2.75 inches
Maximum Length• 100.2 mm
• 3.94 inches
• 100.35 mm
• 3.951 inches
Maximum Weight• 120 g
• 0.27 lb
• 115 g
• 0.254 lb
Power Requirements• +12V DC ± 10 %
• +5V DC ± 5 %
• +12V DC ± 10 %
• +5V DC ± 5 %
Power Consumption• 6.5 W (Spin-Up)
• 1.65 W (Read / Write)
• 0.65 W (Idle)
• 0.225 W (Standby / Sleep)
• 3.7 W (Write)
• 3.1 W (Read)
• 1.1 W (Idle)
• 0.53 W (Standby / Sleep)
Ambient Temperature• 0 °C to 60 °C
• -40 °C to 70 °C (Non-Operating)
• 0 °C to 60 °C
• -40 °C to 70 °C (Non-Operating)
Maximum Shock• 400 G @ 2 ms (Read)
• 1000 G @ 2 ms (Non-Operating)
• 350 G @ 2 ms (Read)
• 1000 G @ 1 ms (Non-Operating)
Drive Acoustics• 24 dBA average (Idle Mode)
• 25 dBA average (Performance Seek Mode)
• 22 dBA average (Idle Mode)
• 24 dBA average (Performance Seek Mode)
Read Errors
• 1 error per 1014 bits read• < 1 error per 1015 bits read
Load/Unload Cycles• 600,000 (minimum)• 600,000 (minimum)
Warranty• 3 Years Limited Warranty• 3 Years Limited Warranty
Lowest Price
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The 1 TB WD Blue (WD10J31X) SSHD came in a sealed anti-static plastic packet, with a sachet of desiccants inside to keep it dry. To remove it, just tear off the top or cut it open, and slide out the drive.

  • WD Blue SSHD (WD10J31X) 1TB Packaging
  • WD Blue SSHD (WD10J31X) 1TB Packaging

Be sure to ground yourself before removing and handling the hard disk drive as static can damage it. In particular, you should try to avoid touching the exposed PCB located on the lower underside of the drive.

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