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Page 4 : Neffos C5 Camera Performance, Video Recording Performance

Camera Performance

The Neffos C5’s main camera has pretty decent performance. It has good control of exposure and white balance. Even though there is a fair bit noise in areas that are poorly lit, they only appear on close examination.

  • neffos C5 Photo Sample
  • neffos C5 Photo Sample
  • neffos C5 Photo Sample
  • neffos C5 Photo Sample
  • neffos C5 Photo Sample
  • neffos C5 Photo Sample
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Video Recording Performance

The Neffos C5’s main camera records video only in full HD (1080p) mode. It does not support image stabilisation, as far as we can tell. We offer the following two video recording samples for your perusal.

The first sample is a video recording of an Arabic dance. Even though the Neffos C5 recorded it in 1080p resolution, it appears blur. It seems to have trouble focusing on the subject. The lack of any image stabilisation did not help either, because the C5 was held with one hand.

The second sample is a video recording of ice skaters. This time, we used two hands to stabilise it. The difference is very apparent. However, there still appears to be auto-focusing issues – you can see the camera “seek” many times.

Generally, the Neffos C5’s video recording capabilities were quite disappointing. Recording in full HD is pointless if the camera has trouble focusing. The end result is poor picture quality in high resolution.

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