The Samsung Torture Tests – Can Your Smartphone Survive Them?

Samsung has been working hard to restore the truth of their customers that was sorely tested when the much-vaunted Galaxy Note7 was torched by battery issues. They started the long, hard process with an extensive recall process, followed by a serious revamp of their quality assurance program.

Samsung just shared with us the videos of the torture tests that all of their top smartphones have to survive. Can your smartphone survive the Samsung torture tests? 😀


The Samsung Torture Tests

For a quick understanding of the extensive torture tests Samsung put their top smartphones through, watch this video.


The Samsung Water Resistance Test

Watch this short clip on Samsung’s Water Resistance Test, where the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge (Amazon) was tested under simulated raindrops and splashes, and submerged under 1.5 metres of water for 30 minutes. The 2017 Samsung Galaxy A7 (Amazon) and 2017 Samsung Galaxy A5 (Amazon) will similarly survive the same test.


The Samsung Durability Test

The Samsung Durability Test helps to ensure that Samsung smartphones live long and survive, even under pressure.

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The Samsung Drop Test

Samsung performs these extensive drop tests on their smartphones, because well, people drop them all the time!


The Samsung Extreme Weather Test

Finally, Samsung puts their smartphones through extreme weather tests, including extreme temperatures. Just in case you bring your Samsung smartphone to the desert or heck, even the ice planet Hoth? 😀


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