The Samsung Live Focus & Dual Capture Explained & Tested

One of the coolest new features that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note8 boasted is the Live Focus technology. It leverages the new dual camera system to create portraits with amazing bokeh effect. Let us take a closer look at how Samsung achieved this, and share with you the sample photos we took.


The Samsung Live Focus & Dual Capture Explained

Who best to explain the new Samsung Live Focus technology but Suzanne De Silva, Director of Product Strategy at Samsung. Here is the Samsung Live Focus and Dual Capture segment of her presentation at the Samsung Galaxy Note8 Unpacked 2017 event in New York.

Conceptually, the Samsung Live Focus technology is simple – take two photos, one from each camera, and use them to create a composite image.

It is similar to the Portrait Mode feature that is found in other smartphones like the Apple iPhone 7 Plus and the ASUS ZenFone 3 Zoom. Those smartphones use the wide-angle camera to obtain depth information, that is used to blur the background of image captured by the telephoto camera.

The new Galaxy Note8 just takes it one step further, taking two images simultaneously. This allows you to adjust the amount of bokeh after taking the Live Focus photo. It also allows for the wide-angle photo to be simultaneously stored, a feature they call Dual Capture.

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The Samsung Live Focus & Dual Capture Sample Photos

No, we could not make it to New York for the Samsung Galaxy Note8 Unpacked 2017 launch event. However, we were given the opportunity to try out the first Samsung Galaxy Note8 units in Malaysia.

As these are training units, we were not allowed to take their pictures or videos. However, we were able to take some sample photos. Check them out!

By default, Dual Capture will automatically capture the wide-angle photo, and the Live Focus photo with the bokeh effect you chose. Here are an example of me and my buddy Jeevan, from techENT.

You can actually save multiple instances of the Live Focus photo. You just have to change the amount of bokeh you like, and save each instance. In this example, I took an additional shot without any bokeh, so you can see the difference.

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