New Samsung Galaxy S9 Bixby Features Demonstrated!

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One of the key features of the new Samsung Galaxy S9 is the improved Samsung Bixby capabilities. What’s new in the Samsung Galaxy S9 Bixby? How about AR translation and AR assistance?

Yes, it’s all about augmented reality with the new Samsung Galaxy S9 Bixby virtual assistant! But how useful are they? Check out the two videos and find out!

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Bixby Features Explained!


Samsung Bixby

Samsung Bixby was first introduced with the Galaxy S8 as a replacement for S Voice. Samsung even introduced a dedicated Bixby button for quick access. However, it was panned for its limited utility, and Samsung eventually allowed users to disable the Bixby button (but not repurpose it).

Critics expected Samsung to quietly ditch Bixby in the Galaxy S9, or at least the dedicated Bixby button. But as we shared in our early coverage and leaks on the Galaxy S9, it will come with a dedicated Bixby button.


The New Samsung Galaxy S9 Bixby Features

Instead of just admitting defeat, Samsung doubled down on Bixby. Not everyone gets things right the first time, after all; and virtual assistants like Bixby are the future. The pressure was on the team to make sure the Samsung Galaxy S9 Bixby will actually be useful to its users.

Live Translation

The original Samsung Bixby is capable of live translation, so a more accurate description of this new feature is AR (augmented reality) Translation.

In the original Bixby, the translation appears as a separate card. But in the new Samsung Galaxy S9 Bixby implementation, the translation appears as part of the image. Hence, our opinion that it should be called AR Translation.

In fact, it is smart enough to take note of the font and background of the text being translated, and render the translation as if it was the original text!

This is, without doubt, a truly useful combination of Bixby and augmented reality!

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Improved Bixby Vision

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Bixby Vision has been improved. Again, it makes use of augmented reality (instead of separate information cards), to help you locate the information you need.

Point Bixby Vision at an object to get information on it, like the calorie count of a food item. Point it at a landmark, and it identifies the location and tells you about prominent establishments nearby. Point it at the sky and it gives you the current temperature and weather report.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Bixby Features Explained!

While many of these features are already present in the original Bixby, the presentation of the information in augmented reality in the Galaxy S9 Bixby implementation makes it more intuitive to use.

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