Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro (SM-A910F) Phablet Review

Page 6 : Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro - Overall & Gaming Performance, Our Verdict & Award

Overall Performance – AnTuTu Benchmark

AnTuTu is a nice benchmark for testing various performance aspects of Android devices.

Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro honor 5C Samsung Galaxy S6
TOTAL SCORE 68184 53417 75222
3D SCORE 18360 53417 20579
– 3D (Marooned) 10739 5795 12475
– 3D (Garden) 7621 4047 8104
UX SCORE 23464 19297 24065
– UX Data Secure 5356 5577 5507
– UX Data Process 3235 2706 4392
– UX Strategy Games 5601 4109 6948
– UX Image Process 6240 3144 3413
– UX I/O Performance 3022 3761 3805
CPU SCORE 19872 19254 25402
– CPU Mathematics 5953 4198 7823
– CPU Common Use 4830 5947 7585
– CPU Multi-Core 9089 9109 9994
RAM 6488 5024 5176

The Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro did well in this test, coming in just 9% slower than the Samsung Galaxy S6 (Amazon). It did particularly well in the RAM test, where it was 25% faster than the Galaxy S6, and  29% faster than the honor 5C (Amazon).


Gaming Performance – 3DMark

We tested the Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro‘s gaming performance using 3DMark, using the Ice Storm Unlimited test.

Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro honor 5C Samsung Galaxy S6
Gaming Score 16989 11560 21166
Graphics 21800 11067 23298
Physics 9585 13698 16031
Graphics Test 1 120.7 fps 63.4 fps 120.6 fps
Graphics Test 2 78.0 fps 38.8 fps 87.3 fps
Physics Test 30.4 fps 43.5 fps 50.9 fps

The Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro did well in this test too, delivering close to 94% of the graphics performance of the Samsung Galaxy S6 (Amazon), and almost twice the graphics performance of the honor 5C (Amazon). It only lost out in the Physics test.


Our Verdict & Award

Everyone’s focus is on the new Samsung Galaxy Note7. Granted, that is a superior phablet. But not everyone can afford a Galaxy Note7, or even need all of its capabilities.

For everyone else, the Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro is a hidden gem that offers a ton of features and high performance at a far more affordable price tag. Let’s summarise its key features :

Performance : The Galaxy A9 Pro has a fast 8-core processor, with a fast GPU for 3D games
Display : The Galaxy A9 Pro has a large 6″ Super AMOLED display with full HD resolution. Perfect for games and watching movies.
Cameras : The Galaxy A9 Pro has a very good 16 MP main camera, with OIS capability. The 8 MP front camera is no slouch either.
Memory & Storage : The Galaxy A9 Pro comes with 4 GB of fast LPDDR4 memory, and 32 GB of internal flash storage.
Connectivity : The Galaxy A9 Pro has dual SIM, dual standby capability, with a dedicated second nano SIM slot.
Expansion : The Galaxy A9 Pro has a dedicated microSD slot that supports microSD cards of up to 256 GB in capacity.
Battery : The Galaxy A9 Pro has a massive 5,000 mAh battery with a long battery life of 13 hours in our test.

The only major gripe with have with the Galaxy A9 Pro is its weight. It weighs a hefty 210 grams. That’s almost 7.5 ounces, if you are American. Make sure you buy a case for it, because all that mass will likely to shatter its glass covers if you drop it on a hard surface.

We also bemoan Samsung’s continued insistence on using the old micro-USB port. It’s 2016, guys. Time to upgrade to the bidirectional USB Type C connector!

These two gripes aside, we think that the Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro is a diamond in the rough, overshadowed by the brilliance of the Galaxy Note7. It is an excellent phablet that is worthy of consideration, if you do not need Galaxy Note7 features like IP68 water resistance and the iris scanner. We certainly think it deserves our Reviewer’s Choice Award!


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  1. Ossie

    Hope the Samsung Galaxy A9pro SM-A910F coming over to Samsung London UK stores. Joe Public now as a option, instead of going for the expensive Note 7. A9pro has decent quality specks for a medium range smartphone the price should be competitive. Bring it on Samsung please.

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