The Radeon FreeSync 2 HDR Gaming Tech Report


We were fortunate to be amongst the few invited to the AMD Tech Summit held in Sonoma, California from December 7-9, 2016. Today, we are finally allowed to reveal the third major technology update from the AMD Tech Summit – Radeon FreeSync 2. AMD also revealed a major feature upgrade to the current FreeSync technology. Get the full details below!

Updated @ 2017-02-06 : Added the AMD Radeon FreeSync 2 Tech Briefing video.

Originally posted @ 2017-01-03

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Fullscreen Borderless Windowed Mode Is Here!

AMD fans who have been clamouring for FreeSync to work in windowed mode will be ecstatic to learn that their request has been heard and answered. FreeSync will now work in the fullscreen borderless windowed mode!

So watch out for a driver update to start playing your games in the fullscreen borderless windowed mode very soon!

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HDR Gaming

The big story though is Radeon FreeSync 2 and the next killer feature it enables – HDR gaming.

Current monitors are mostly built around the sRGB colour space, which limits the richness and vibrancy of the scene. Colours look dull and washed out, and details are lost in the shadows and highlights.

New HDR transport technologies like HDR10 and Dolby Vision aim to solve this limitation, offering 8X or better perceivable range of the sRGB colour space. They also make much better use of the display’s maximum brightness levels, which are left unused in sRGB mode.

There is a problem with both HDR10 and Dolby Vision though – they are not optimised for gaming. The tone mapping performed by these displays has a long input lag.

This input lag is not a problem for cinematic movies or video clips that render at 24 to 30 fps. However, it will be a problem for gamers who want high frame rates of 60 fps or better. AMD attempts to address both problems through Radeon FreeSync 2.

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