The Radeon FreeSync 2 HDR Gaming Tech Report

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Page 2 : Introducing Radeon FreeSync 2, Radeon FreeSync 2 Tech Briefing and Demo Videos


Introducing Radeon FreeSync 2

Optimised for HDR gaming, Radeon FreeSync 2 is a compromise between the wider colour gamut of HDR10 / Dolby Vision, and the low input lag of sRGB.

It offers a limited HDR colour gamut that is over 2X the perceivable brightness and colour volume of sRGB. The FreeSync 2 game can then tone-map to the display’s native colour space. This allows the monitor to skip the tone mapping step, which greatly reduces the input lag.

The AMD Radeon FreeSync 2 Tech Report

The AMD Radeon FreeSync 2 Tech Report

For this to work, both the monitor and the game must support FreeSync 2. Here are some characteristics of a FreeSync 2 monitor :

  • Low Framerate Compensation (LFC) is mandatory
  • Low Latency is mandatory
  • The monitor will provide its native characteristics to the game through the FreeSync 2 Transport

The AMD Radeon FreeSync 2 Tech Report

For game support, AMD will provide a FreeSync 2 API that will :

  • support the FP16, 2-10-10-10 colour buffer formats
  • automatically switch between sRGB and FreeSync 2 native modes (when a FreeSync 2 game loads)

All AMD Radeon GPUs will support FreeSync 2 via a new driver. However, it won’t be in the recently launched Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition.


When Will FreeSync 2 Be Available?

AMD will launch Radeon FreeSync 2 in 2017. They are aiming to get it out by the first half of 2017, but there is no firm date yet.


Will FreeSync 2 Replace FreeSync?

No, Radeon FreeSync 2 will exist in parallel with FreeSync. FreeSync 2 will merely be a higher standard that offers HDR gaming, on top of stutter- and tear-free gaming.

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The Radeon FreeSync 2 Tech Briefing

AMD Senior Fellow David Glen is the man in charge of the Radeon FreeSync 2. This was his full presentation on Radeon FreeSync 2 at the AMD Tech Summit. Enjoy!

 Don’t forget to catch our follow-up article – The AMD FreeSync 2 Q&A With David Glen & Syed Hussain!


The FreeSync 2 HDR Gaming & Video Demos

AMD also showed off some HDR gaming and HDR video demos at the AMD Tech Summit. Check them out below :

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