OPPO To Stop Providing Free Chargers Next Year!

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OPPO will stop providing free chargers with their smartphones, starting next year! Here is what you need to know…


OPPO To Stop Providing Free Chargers Next Year!

OPPO is giving up one of its key advantages over its competitors next year – its high-performance charger, which is included with every smartphone.

While announcing their new Reno8 smartphone, OPPO Vice President for Overseas Sales and Services, Billy Zhang, revealed that it would stop providing in-box chargers starting next year. Instead, OPPO will provide them as optional purchases in stores.

OPPO won’t immediately stop providing in-box chargers, but will phase them out in stages. So expect them to retain the in-box chargers for the higher-end models at least for some time, as a way to differentiate from cheaper models.

But the message is clear – eventually, all OPPO smartphones will stop coming with in-box chargers.

If you are an OPPO fan, make sure you keep your VOOC / SuperVOCC charger. Your next OPPO smartphone may not come with one.

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OPPO To Stop Providing Free Chargers Next Year!


OPPO To Lose Advantage By Not Including Free Chargers

While many brands have followed Apple in not including chargers in the box of new smartphones, OPPO made the smart move by continuing the provide them.

One of the key advantages OPPO has over the other brands is its VOOC series of fast charging technologies, like 125 watt SuperVOOC wired charging and 65 watt AirVOOC wireless charging.

These are proprietary technologies that only work with the provided in-box chargers, so OPPO really needed to provide them in every box.

You can still charge OPPO smartphones with USB chargers from other brands, because they still support standard USB charging technologies. They will just charge slowly. Without the in-box charger, OPPO smartphones will lose their key advantage over their Android rivals.

Sure, OPPO will make sure you can buy their special VOOC charger in store, and will probably include one as a pre-order or early bird sweetener. But this decision will turn OPPO into yet another Android brand.


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