The NVIDIA Jetson TX2 (Pascal) Tech Report

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NVIDIA Jetson TX1 Price Adjustments

With the launch of the Jetson TX2, NVIDIA is adjusting the price of the Jetson TX1. The Jetson TX1 will continue to sell alongside the new Jetson TX2.

The NVIDIA Jetson TX1 Developer Kit has been reduced to US$ 499, down from US$ 599.

The NVIDIA Jetson TX1 production has been reduced to US$ 299, down from US$ 399. Again, this is in quantities of 1,000 modules or more.


NVIDIA Jetpack 3.0

The NVIDIA Jetson is more than just a processor module. It is a platform that is made up of developer tools and codes, as well as APIs. Like AMD offers their MIOpen deep learning library, NVIDIA offers Jetpack.

In conjunction with the launch of the Jetson TX2, NVIDIA also announced the NVIDIA Jetpack 3.0. It promises to offer twice the system performance of Jetpack 2.3.

Jetpack 3.0 is not just for the new Jetson TX2. It will offer a nice boost in performance for existing Jetson TX1 users and applications.

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The Presentation Slides

For those who want the full set of NVIDIA Jetson TX2 slides, here they are :


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