Tech Journalists Should NEVER Do What Ming Hua News Just Did

Tech Journalists Should NEVER Do What Ming Hua News Just Did Rev. 7

Page 5 : What Did Hua Ming News Do? (Part 5)

What Did Ming Hua News Do? (Part 5/5)

14. He Kept Asking To Attend A Non-Existent MSI Event…

Despite his displeasure with MSI, he seems to be obsessed with them. He actually wrote to them several times, asking to be invited to a non-existent MSI event.

MSI Malaysia sponsored the Red Bull Coliseum Season 2 tournament finals at Sunway Pyramid from 27 to 29 October. This is a public event that is open to everyone free of charge.

Even though he can easily sign up for the event and attend it as a member of the public, he wrote several times to MSI, asking to be invited to the media event for the Red Bull Coliseum finals. THERE IS NO MEDIA EVENT. But apparently, he did not believe it and kept emailing them.

His persistent “requests” likely led to this response by Sean from MSI :

Dear Minghua editor team,

Greetings, We are sorry that [you] will not be invited as our guest / media due to the incident happened at MSI Store Opening Ceremony, there were news stated that your team has published which contains MSI local staff personal information and the information shared was considered false. Thus MSI Global Headquarter Legal team is taking some needed action.

Before the official  information and letter release, as MSI Malaysia we will like to inform Minghua News editor team, that MSI Malaysia has right to refuse any kind of interview, contact, announcement. And please be noted that MSI Malaysia local staff has the right to remain anonymous.

Thank you & wish you have a nice day.

Pro Tip #19 : If your request to join an event is rejected, take the high road and accept it. It’s not the end of the world. You can always cover another event, or another company.

Pro Tip #20 : Irrespective of how famous or important you think you are, companies have the right to refuse you access to their events. They’re not obliged to grant a member of the media access their events, just like you are not obliged to let them enter your home!


15. He Doubled Down…

On receiving the email, the Ming Hua News blogger shot back with a new post :

MSI Refused To Accept Apology! Denies Any Wrong & Threatens To Take Legal Action Against Ming Hua!

明华网原以为 MSI 已接受道歉,愿意化解误会。明华网一度发电邮至 MSI 市场部要求出席 MSI 在 SUNWAY PYRAMID 的活动,殊不知 MSI 回复电邮表示不会邀请明华网为邀请媒体,更不会邀请为来宾,意指不欢迎明华网出席该活动。
Ming Hua initially believed that MSI has accepted an (our) apology, and willing to resolve the misunderstanding. Ming Hua once sent an email to MSI Marketing Department to attend MSI event in SUNWAY PYRAMID, not knowing MSI would reply email stating that they will not invite Ming Hua as media nor guest, meaning MSI do not welcome Ming Hua to attend the event.

MSI 进一步解释说道原因是不满意明华网之前发布的新闻,并指控该新闻造假,不应该公开 MSI 员工的私人资料。邮件内容还提到该公司总部的法律团队将会采取行动对付!
MSI further explained that the reason is they are not satisfied with the news released on Ming Hua and accused it to be a fraud. Ming Hua also should not disclose the personal information of MSI employees. The message also mentions that the legal team at the company’s headquarters will take action against it!

明华网及 MSI 暂时都没有发布任何文稿交代事件,令人好奇 MSI 下一步的行动。
Ming Hua and MSI have not released any further comment for the time being. We wonder what would be MSI’s next action.

明华网发言人表示不会理睬 MSI 的任何声明,对于 MSI 的虚假指控则会静待观察,如有必要也会采取法律行动对付 MSI 和 PIA HUANG 马来西亚 MSI 市场部经理。
A spokesman for Ming Hua said he would not pay any attention to MSI’s statement, and MSI’s false allegations against Ming Hua. We will continue to observe MSI’s action and, if necessary, take legal action against MSI and PIA HUANG MSI Marketing Manager of Malaysia.

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Pro Tip #21 : When the other party mentions that legal action is being considered, you should not compound the problem further by then writing an inaccurate public post. We understand, for example, that the Ming Hua blogger sent MSI several emails, not once (as was stated in his public post). That’s just more fodder for the lawyers on the other end.

Pro Tip #22 : When the other party threatens legal action over your disclosure of personal information, please don’t aggravate the situation by sharing even more personal information!

Pro Tip #23 : See Pro TIp #20. You cannot sue a company or their employee for refusing to grant you access to their private event.


16. And Criticised A Female Influencer Online

Then on the morning of 27 October 2017, he criticised the female influencer HXA in a Facebook post.

You may recall that he called her called her “ugly” and an “aunty” at the MSI Concept Store launch. Even though he was seen insulting her on video, she did not appear to insult him in return. In fact, she hasn’t spoken out about this issue at all. Yet, the Ming Hua News blogger posted a picture he took with her, and criticise her for badmouthing him (which she didn’t do publicly, to our knowledge).

Here is a better translation :

After meeting you, I only realise you’re the kind of person who has a poisonous tongue.
Thanks for the lesson. It’s a rare opportunity to meet you in person.

Although this is said to be a more accurate translation :

Just realized you’re really blunt after meeting you in person. Thank you for your advice. It’s was a great opportunity to meet you..


We Are Signing Off

Based on our interactions with him, we believe he will never change. Despite claims that he will take our advice to heart, his actions say otherwise. So, we are going to stop updating this article, and trying to advise him.

We believe MSI will no longer communicate with him, or respond to his messages or emails. This may be due to the legal action they may be taking against him, or just a refusal to deal with him. Either way, that’s their right.

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