Tech Journalists Should NEVER Do What Ming Hua News Just Did

Tech Journalists Should NEVER Do What Ming Hua News Just Did Rev. 7

Page 4 : What Did Ming Hua News Do? (Part 4)

What Did Ming Hua News Do? (Part 4/5)

12. His Friend Released A Video Implicating Three Of Them Updated!

As if the blowback over the past few days did not happen, his friend posted a video that showed the Ming Hua News blogger and two of his friends insulting and harassing not just the female influencers and models, but also one of the gamers MSI invited to the event for the tournament, as well as an MSI staff member.

Please note that we intentionally blurred the faces of the Ming Hua News blogger’s friends, because the purpose of this article is to educate them (or other people with similar ideas). In addition, the boy recording the video is only 16 years old – a minor.

Let’s start with the MSI staff member. Earlier in the video, he appears to be very friendly with them. But in a later segment, his demeanour has changed. We don’t know what happened in between, but this was how the conversation went :

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[They pushed the camera close to his face]

MSI Staff Member : What?

MHN : Can I record my video here? Only over here?

[MHN’s friend, the videographer nods]

MHN : Let me put my head in(to the frame)

MSI Staff Member : I will not look into the camera.

MHN : You don’t want face (respect)?

MSI Staff Member (sarcastically) : Correct! I don’t want any face (respect).

Then they went to harass one of the gamers (SongSen) MSI invited to the event.

[They pushed the camera close to his face, which startled and annoyed him]

SongSen : Yes?

MHN : I want to interview you.

[SongSen starts to walk away]

MHN : How old are you? 

MHN’s Friend : Interview? The guy is already walking away.

SongSen : 17 years old [as he walks away]

MHN Or His Friend : Liar!

MHN Or His Friend : You can drive when you’re just 17 years old?

MHN Or His Friend : I don’t believe.

The camera then panned to the female influencers and models, and they started insulting them.

MHN : You see. It’s different if you’re beautiful. The ugly ones end up standing here [referring to the female models].

Female Influencer (obviously annoyed at the insult, replied sarcastically) : What can we do? We are only worthy of standing here because we are tall.

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MHN’s Friend : She’s not very tall.

MHN : You’re correct. She’s actually very short. She’s just wearing high heels to make herself look tall.

They shove the camera into her face. She turned away and shrugged before turning back…

Female Influencer : Why are you so rude?

MHN : I learned it from you, big sister. You’re my sifu.

Pro Tip #17 : NEVER POST a video that incriminates you… and your friends!

13. He Posted An Insincere Apology Letter

We have been telling him for days now to STFU, if he doesn’t want to apologise for being so rude and childish. Instead of taking our advice, he posted a public letter of apology that was neither sincere nor accurate. Here is the English translation (with our comments in red) :

A Public Apology

I’m sorry, everyone!

Ming Hua News would like to apologize to all media friends, boss, as well as MSI, MSI staffs, MSI guests, Gummy, HXA, supporters and other people.

I would like to clarify that my apology doesn’t mean that MSI Marketing Manager Pia Huang didn’t insult MHN. I admit I shouldn’t reveal the brand and media names, but file a complaint through the right way.

Get this straight – a refusal to acknowledge you as a member of the media is not an insult. It is a statement of fact. Just because you have a blog does not make you a journalist.

The event you were not invited to had already ended when you arrived. Even if you were invited, they would have been right to turn you away because news flash -> THE EVENT WAS OVER.

Here is another piece of advice for you. Real journalists go to events to cover them, not collect goodie bags and free gifts.

Pia does not owe you an apology. You owe her an apology.

As for those articles that I was caught with plagiarism, I have deleted all the posts. I would like to apologize to TechNave, Mdroid, Vtech, Zing and other media. I hope that you guys could give me a chance to be better, I promise this kind of thing not to happen again.

From what we understand, there are other plagiarised articles that have not been removed. Please do NOT wait until they are publicly exposed before taking action. You should know which articles you plagiarised. You should remove them ASAP, even if their authors are unaware of your plagiarism.

As for the Pizza Hut article, we were told by the PR to publish the article. It wasn’t plagiarism or taking the photos from other sites without permission, those are false statements. Those photos were taken by me the day after I went to the shop myself, you can ask the store manager for proof.

The PR agency confirmed earlier that they did not ask you to cover the event, much less plagiarise the coverage of the event from two websites. They did not even know who you were, although they gave you a printed press release as part of their goodie bag, that you could have copied if you were not able to write an actual article.

The photos were also taken from Technave and MDROID, some with watermarks still visible. You may have taken photos at the event, but the pictures in the two Pizza Hut articles you posted were not yours. We have the screenshots to prove this.

As for me accidentally calling the editor of fat during the event, I apologize for that, but I didn’t say they eat like a beggar and other insults. I didn’t do it purposely, I thought it was a joke but didn’t know that you would feel offended. I apologize for that and I will make sure to be more cautious with my words next time.

One does not “accidentally” call people fat or ugly, just like a rapist does not accidentally fall and rape a girl. Multiple witnesses have confirmed that you told them that people at the event were “eating like beggars”.

As for the female guest harassment, I’m here to confirm that this isn’t true. I will report to MCMC and police if it’s necessary, as well as taking law action to those people who created this false statement.

Your friend posted a video that showed the three of you harassing and insulting not just the girls, but also a gamer and MSI staff member. If you feel so strongly that your own friend edited the video to make it look like you insulted them, please make an official complaint with the MCMC and police.

If you have any question or dissatisfaction, please email to There is no point for commenting the post to attack, as well as posting my personal info.

We agree. While we strongly dislike what you have done, we do not believe you should be doxxed. We also hope you will listen to our advice… and STOP.

I hope the public can give me a chance to be better, for a brighter Malaysia media’s future. Thanks to the advice from a media friend, I decided to apologize and hope this incident could end. Thank you!

As we mentioned in this article, people will give you a second chance, but only if you repent and improve yourself. That starts with you being honest about what you did, and apologise to those you insulted and harassed. Especially Pia from MSI.

Pro Tip #18 : Be sincere when you apologise, and DON’T LIE in your apology letter. With so many eyes on you, did you not think that people would check your points?

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