Tech Journalists Should NEVER Do What Ming Hua News Just Did

Tech Journalists Should NEVER Do What Ming Hua News Just Did Rev. 7

Page 3 : What Did Ming Hua News Do? (Part 3)

What Did Ming Hua News Do? (Part 3/5)

9. He Stole Photos From Another Website!

Ming Hua News’ streak of ill-advised moves did not end with his demand for an apology from MSI. In that same article, he stole two of the photos from Hitech Century. This was after he was caught plagiarising less than a week earlier. #facepalm

Pro Tip #13 : If you need to borrow someone’s photos for an article, ask them for permission. At least credit them for the photos.

Pro Tip #14 : Most companies will also provide official photos that you can edit and use without attribution. Use them!

10. And Then Picked Another Fight…

If that’s not enough, the Ming Hua News blogger picked another fight, this time with Pokde, an established Malaysian tech website. He targeted Mubashar Aftab of Pokde, calling him “fat” and advising him to “go on a diet“.

Let me tell you this, I’m not afraid.

It’s just a joke, but you overreacted.

I cannot image that the boss has so many supporters.

I really underestimated you.

It’s okay to be fat, as long as you have the desire to go on a diet.

I believe my site has many media friends as well.

You guys can gang up on us small media.

But even if the authorities come down on me,

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As long as I’m a member of the media,

I won’t give up.

Thank you to all who encourage me, support me,

Even the ones who try to take me down.

I love you all.

Thank you for the attention.

I won’t stop firing. Sue me. I will continue to complain.

Pro Tip #15 : NEVER pick a fight with other members of the media. It’s one thing to confront a bully or stand up for your rights, it’s quite another thing to START a public fight with derogatory comments for no good reason.

11. Before Plagiarising Another Site

After we shared this article with him, and he promised to read and learn from it, he plagiarised another Malaysian tech website. This time, he copied Vtechgraphy‘s post on the Huawei Mate 10… literally word for word!

Pro Tip #16 : The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results. STOP PLAGIARISING after you have been caught plagiarising!!!

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