Tech Journalists Should NEVER Do What Ming Hua News Just Did

Tech Journalists Should NEVER Do What Ming Hua News Just Did Rev. 7

Page 2 : What Did Ming Hua News Do? (Part 2)

What Did Ming Hua News Do? (Part 2/5)

6. He Cheated At The MSI Public Games

He even cheated at the games that MSI organised for the public. Everyone received a card to be stamped when they completed a game at the MSI Concept Store. On completing four games (and getting all four different stamps – 2 red, 1 blue and 1 black), they would receive a reward.

He came with two friends, so they received three cards. He managed to get two of the cards “stamped” using ink transferred from the hands of an MSI staff member. They knew he was cheating, but gave him the two rewards to avoid trouble. However, he couldn’t do it for the third card.

Instead of playing all four games to complete the third card, he played one game and folded his card to “stamp” the wet ink from that one stamp into three duplicates. Genius! When they pointed out that he cheated (because he had four black stamps), he threw a tantrum and stormed off.

Later, they discovered that he somehow managed to snatch a stamp to properly stamp his card himself. In the end, he received 3 rewards after completing only one game.

Pro Tip #8 : Follow the fucking rules. Why cheat when you are guaranteed the reward after completing all four games? Cheating for a freebie is idiotic. You’re trading what little reputation you have for a trinket.

7. He Harassed The Female Influencers & Models

Multiple sources confirmed that harassed the female influencers and models that MSI invited. He was overheard asking one girl in particular, “Did you buy your followers?” and “Why are you so ugly?” in an “interview”. He also allegedly told her, “Your phone number is not worth my time“.

This picture of one of the targeted female influencers was blurred to protect her privacy

He also called the other female influencers and models ugly, even while he kept sneaking into their selfies and taking close-up photos without permission. He even encouraged other people at the event to hug the girls for his photos. Here are some paraphrased quotes :

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MW : He called me ugly and kept harassing me.

GS : Yeah, when you walked away, he kept asking other people to take pictures with me, and asked them to hug me. I said no with a fake smile. I don’t know what he did with the pictures he took.

GS : He also called HXA ugly when she refused to give him the free gift.

MW : He kept squeezing in when I took my photos, and when I went to take photos with HXA, he kept snapping random close up photos of us. He even told us “How can you come here when you’re so ugly?”

GS : I felt bad for pushing his head away to take my photos, but I don’t feel bad about that now. I don’t know who he was, yet he kept putting his face into my shots.

In an email from one of his friends who was there :

he say the female influencer is an aunty

Pro Tip #9 : DON’T BE RUDE! It does not help you, and no one is going to answer such ridiculous questions!

Pro Tip #10 : DON’T intrude into other people’s personal spaces without permission! If they say no, it means NO. NOT TRY HARDER!!!

8. He Picked A Fight With MSI…

After the event, he wrote an article criticising MSI Marketing Manager Pia for discriminating against “small media“, and hurting his feelings. He also claimed he contacted MSI for a written letter of apology. Well, he certainly did not receive a response to his demand for an apology.


The next day, the activity is a network media complaint received no invitation was also the MSI Marketing Manager PIA insulting way “live is the leading media owner, you’re just a little media, we do not invite” was deeply wounded by the reporters, feel they’ve been discriminated against.


The media has attempted to contact MSI to give a written letter of apology, but before the deadline had not been related to the activities of response.

Despite his claim he wrote to MSI for an apology, we confirmed that MSI never received any letter or email asking for an apology. In fact, their staff members refused to give the Ming Hua News blogger their name cards.

A day later, he posted on Facebook an apology for offending any members of the media and his fans with this article, but insisted that MSI should publicly apologise.

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Press Release (Public Announcement)

We are deeply sorry if we offended other members of the media, and our fans and readers. We hope this incident will now end.

But we will not delete the article because it is true.

MSI Gaming 市场部应该出面道歉澄清。
MSI Gaming Marketing Department should publicly apologise.

Even worse, he continued his attacks on Pia by falsely claiming that she was fired over the incident. He also mocked those who supported her against his (false) claims. In an article posted on 18 October, he said :

I heard that MSI Marketing Manager Pia was fired because she discriminated against small media.
But Ming Hua News checked and confirmed she’s still working in the company.
Pia is known as the PR that the technology media support, and the media bosses love.
It’s amazing to see the media bosses protect Pia in this controversy

Pro Tip #11 : See Pro Tip #4. Don’t let your pride get the better of you. If they refuse to invite you to their events, think of it as their loss – their events will not get covered in your awesome website or blog! 🙂

Pro Tip #12 : And NEVER attack a brand or their PR representatives on the Internet, whether it’s on your website or social media. That’s just suicide socially and professionally.

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