Did This American Harass Chinese Female Tourists?!

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Did an American man harass Chinese female tourists, telling them to go back to China?!

Take a look at the viral video, and find out what the facts really are!

Updated @ 2023-02-19 : Added more details
Originally posted @ 2022-06-10


Claim : This American Harassed Chinese Female Tourists!

People are sharing a video of a man harassing two Asian females, as evidence of anti-Asian racism in the United States. The video shows a man recording himself berating two Asian females on a beach, saying :

Go! Go! Take your dress and go from this country.

I hate Chinese. Fuck China. China, fuck you.

Translated from Turkish : You people made corona[virus] a thing, and now the economy is shit

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Originally spread in June 2022 targeting Americans, it’s being shared again in February 2023, with messages targeting Turkey and/or Europe:

Chinese ladies were asked to leave the beach in Europe….they were not welcome there.
Better be careful and alert while travelling in Europe… the situation might turn violent if you confronted the “white”. Safer to travel in Thailand East Asia.

The INTERNMENT CAMPS are coming…. should HOSTILITIES breakout with CHINA.

It’s time for CHINA to stop putting their TOURISM MONEY into the hands of these UNGRATEFUL COUNTRIES.

CHINA Chinese ladies were asked to leave the beach in EUROPE….as they were not welcome there.

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Did This American Man Harass Chinese Female Tourists?!


Truth : He Is Not An American Harassing Chinese Female Tourists!

This is yet another example of FAKE NEWS created and propagated by the Chinese 50 Cent Army (wumao, 五毛), and pro-CCP netizens.

After investigating this video, here are the facts that I was able to ascertain…

Fact #1 : Video Was Recorded In Cyprus

First, let me point out that this video wasn’t recorded in the United States. It was recorded at the Nissi Bay Beach in Cyprus.

In fact, I geolocated the precise location to a few metres south of the Petra Snack Bar, at the Nissi Beach Resort.

On the left is a screenshot at 0:15 of the video clip; and on the right is a picture of the Petra Snack Bar taken in October 2019 by Matthias Schelker, at almost the same position!

You can see the same white Petra Snack Bar signboard, and stairs leading up to the cafe; as well as the red Life Guard shack.

Another man who was standing nearby (seen here in the left screenshot) told him off, “No, no”, to which the man responded, “What the fuck, no?”

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Did This American Man Harass Chinese Female Tourists?!

Fact #2 : Man In Video Is Not American

The man in the video is not American. Even though he asked the ladies to “go from this country“, he’s not even a citizen of Cyprus!

He’s actually a Turkish citizen called Taner Tolga Tarlacı, who is living in Cyprus because he was sentenced to 18-20 years of jail in Turkey for a variety of small crimes.

Allegedly, he learned about the arrest warrant on a ferry from Cyprus to Turkey, and literally jumped off the ship and swam back to Cyprus to avoid arrest!

Fact #3 : Taner Creates Controversial Videos

Taner is actually a minor Turkish celebrity, after participating in Turkish Got Talent and Survivor Turkey (Survivor Türkiye). Since then, he has been creating controversial or crazy videos… and even porn!

He is notable for bizarre antics, so much so, he allegedly got his own TV show cancelled when he chased his guests with a fire extinguisher on its first episode!

So it is possible he recorded the video to “go viral”, which is why he made sure he figured prominently in it.

For small-timers like Taner Tolga Tarlaci, bad publicity probably is better than no publicity at all. Such controversies help keep him in public light.

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Taner Tolga Tarlacı

Fact #4 : The Ladies May Not Even Be Chinese!

When Taner told the Asian ladies to leave the beach, you can hear the lady who was standing up say, “Yeah, okay” in what sounds like an American accent. She could possibly be Chinese American!

In any case, there is no way to know if the ladies are Chinese citizens as alleged. They could be Japanese or Korean, or people of Chinese ethnicity from other countries like the United States.

Fact #5 : The Video Was Allegedly Taken In 2020

According to several netizens, the video was allegedly taken early in the COVID-19 pandemic, circa 2020.

I am bringing this up because people are claiming that this is a new video in various websites, social media and even WhatsApp.

This video first came to our attention after going viral in June 2022, and has gone viral again in February 2023.

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