Malaysia Airlines 6 Months Free Flight Card Scam Alert!

Watch out for the Malaysia Airlines free flight scam, and find out why you really cannot get 6 months of free flights for just RM8.80!


Malaysia Airlines Free Flight Scam : What Is It?!

Many people are seeing advertisements on Facebook promoting a Malaysia Airlines Enrich card, which claims to offer 6 months of free flights for just RM8.80!

Do ⁠you⁠ lo⁠ve ⁠tra⁠vel⁠ing⁠? T⁠his⁠ pr⁠omo⁠tio⁠n i⁠s f⁠or ⁠you⁠! 6⁠ mo⁠nth⁠s f⁠ree⁠ fl⁠igh⁠ts ⁠wit⁠h M⁠ala⁠ysi⁠a A⁠irl⁠ine⁠s f⁠or ⁠onl⁠y 8⁠.80⁠MYR⁠!

⁠Thi⁠s p⁠rom⁠oti⁠on ⁠wil⁠l l⁠ast⁠ un⁠til⁠ th⁠e e⁠nd ⁠of ⁠the⁠ we⁠ek,⁠ so⁠ hu⁠rry⁠ up⁠!

⁠Cli⁠ck ⁠on ⁠the⁠ “Ord⁠er ⁠Now⁠”⁠ bu⁠tto⁠n t⁠o g⁠et ⁠you⁠r c⁠ard⁠ wi⁠th ⁠fre⁠e s⁠hip⁠pin⁠g!

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Malaysia Airlines Free Flight Scam : What You Must Know!

This is yet another scam circulating on Facebook, and here are reasons why…

Fact #1 : No Laws Requiring Malaysia Airlines To Sell Cheap Tickets

First, let me just point out that there is no law requiring Malaysia Airlines to sell flight tickets at such ridiculous prices.

Think about it – you can’t even get a taxi ride for RM8.80 these days, and you expect to travel for free on Malaysia Airlines for 6 months???

Even when AirAsia promoted its Unlimited Pass for domestic flights at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was priced at RM399 and had a lot of restrictions.

Fact #2 : Malaysia Airlines Called It A Scam

To convince you that it’s genuine, and not a scam, the scammers use alternate accounts to post comments, claiming that they received the card, or they confirmed with Malaysia Airlines that the offer is genuine:

I called the Malaysia Airlines hotline to clarify if this promotion exists or it is the work of scammers. The airline manager has confirmed that this is a limited promotion only for Facebook users. Now I’m waiting for my card 🔥

Well, I called up Malaysia Airlines myself, and the staff member confirmed that it is a scam. She also informed me that they received several calls about this scam.

To be clear – there is no such free flight promotion from Malaysia Airlines.

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Fact #3 : Enrich Is Malaysia Airlines’ Loyalty Card

To convince you that it’s a genuine deal, the scammers use alternate accounts to post photos of the Malaysia Airlines Enrich card they allegedly received through this promotion.

The trouble is – Enrich is the frequent flyer program for Malaysia Airlines. It’s free for anyone to sign up for Enrich loyalty program and receive a card like that. There is no need to pay RM8.80 for an Enrich card.

The Blue card you see below is actually the basic tier that everyone gets when they sign up for Enrich. Only after flying multiple flights on MAS will Enrich members be able to upgrade to the Silver, Gold, and Platinum tiers.

Fact #4 : Those Are Fake Enrich Cards!

If you look closely at the Enrich cards being shown by these scammers, you will notice a few problems.

None of them have the member’s name, or the membership number! They all state “Name Of Card Holder” and the Member ID is **********, making them fake Enrich cards!

On top of that, the fake Enrich cards state “Card For 6 Free Flight“. Not only is that poor grammar – flights, not flight, it also runs counter to the scam promotion, which claims to offer 6 months of free flights, not just 6 free flights!

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Fact #5 : That’s Not The Official Malaysia Airlines Page

The scam is being run out of the Promotion | Malaysia Airlines page on Facebook. It is not the official Malaysia Airlines Facebook page, which is at

This fake Malaysia Airlines page is also new, apparently created on 19 March 2024.

If Malaysia Airlines has any promotion on its flights, it would be posted on its official website, or its official Facebook page. Never on a completely new Facebook page.

Fact #6 : Scam Leads To Non-MAS Website

If you click on the scam page to order the fake Malaysia Airlines free flights card, you will be taken to a website using the domain, which appears to be a placeholder page with Polish text.

It is likely that the scammers keyed in the wrong URL, or their scam page wasn’t been setup properly. Or the page may have malicious scripts.

In any case, please do NOT click on the order button, or attempt to visit this website.

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