My Trip To Krabi With The 2017 Samsung Galaxy A7

Page 2 : The Krabi Hot Spring Waterfall Pictures & Video

The Krabi Hot Spring Waterfall

The Krabi hot spring waterfall is one of Krabi’s main tourist attractions. Also known as Namtok Ron Khlong Thom, it features a mix of hot springs and cool streams which converge to create a waterfall of warm water.

Due to the craggy nature of the rocks and tree roots in and around the hot springs and waterfall, you are highly advised NOT to carry your smartphone, unless they are water-resistant like the 2017 Samsung Galaxy A Series (IP68) the Samsung Galaxy S7 (IP68) or the Apple iPhone 7 (IP67), or are protected with a waterproof case / bag.

Here is a video I took with the 2017 Samsung Galaxy A7. Because it does not support image stabilisation, a gimbal like the DJI Osmo Mobile is highly recommended. Then again, the gimbal is not water-resistant…

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