Killer Features In 2016 MacBook Pro Models Confirmed

Apple is gearing up for a refresh of their 13″ and 15″ MacBook Pro models in Q4 of 2016, probably around September. In addition to the usual processor and graphics upgrades, Apple is looking to inject a little pizazz in the 2016 MacBook Pro models.

We have just confirmed with an internal Apple source, who has direct or working contact with the upcoming 2016 MacBook Pro models, that they will definitely come with two killer features – an OLED display touch bar, and a Touch ID fingerprint sensor.


OLED Display Touch Bar

The OLED display touch bar will run along the top of the keyboard, replacing the physical function keys. It will have full colour capability, and will be fully customisable by the user. Amongst other things, users can add a “Do Not Disturb” button, or switch it to a dark “Night Mode” colour scheme.

Our source will not (currently) send us pictures of the actual OLED display touch bar, but designer Martin Hajek came up with concept renderings of what he thinks the OLED display touch bar could look like. Check them out :

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Touch ID Fingerprint Sensor

The 2016 MacBook Pro models will also come with a Touch ID fingerprint sensor. This will be used not just for user authentication, it will also be used to authorise payments via Apple Pay.

Our source is currently unwilling to share any additional details, or pictures, of the Touch ID fingerprint sensors. However, TheAlienPebble proposed that the entire glass trackpad may serve as a giant Touch ID sensor.

This would cost a lot more than a small sensor, but it would allow for multi-finger authentication, and active user authentication.

Multi-finger authentication would allow for much better security. You can use a combination of multiple fingers, to add an additional layer of complexity. Yet it is a simple concept to grasp and use all the time.

The same goes for active user authentication. With the entire touchpad functioning as a giant biometric sensor, the 2016 MacBook Pro can lock itself down if it detects someone other than the authorised (and logged-in) user using the touchpad.


What Else Is New In The 2016 MacBook Pro?

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The “less sexy” upgrades that we are looking forward to in the 2016 MacBook Pro models include :

  • faster 7th Generation Intel Core (Kaby Lake) processor options
  • faster Intel Iris Graphics or NVIDIA GeForce GPU options
  • new metal injection-moulded hinges
  • USB 3.1 Type C and Thunderbolt 3 ports
  • slimmer and lighter chassis


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