iOS 11 Has A New Secret Ability To Quickly Disable Touch ID

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Apple just released iOS 11, and hidden amongst its many new features is a new secret ability to quickly disable Touch ID. We will share with you the details of this new feature, and why you should learn how to use it.

iOS 11 Has A New Secret Ability To Quickly Disable Touch ID


How To Quickly Disable Touch ID

Note : This method only works with iOS 11. If you are using an older iPhone, you must upgrade to iOS 11 first.

To quickly disable Touch ID, rapidly tap the Power button five times.

This temporarily disables Touch ID, and displays the Emergency Services screen, where you can dial 911 / 999 without unlocking the iPhone.

Touch ID is disabled only until you enter your Passcode. Authenticating yourself using the Passcode re-enables Touch ID.

This new method beats the previous methods that include using five different fingers on Touch ID to lock it out, or disabling it in the settings.


Why Should You Learn How To Disable Touch ID?

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Everyone should learn how to use this method to quickly disable Touch ID. Why?

First of all, it is a great security feature. It prevents someone from forcibly using your fingerprint to gain access to your iPhone.

The most obvious candidates of such a dastardly act would be oppressive governments and law enforcement officers who don’t care for civil rights. But it could also be a robber or a suspicious spouse.

If you can quickly disable Touch ID, they will need you to key in your Passcode. No amount of forcing you to touch your fingers against the Touch ID sensor will gain them access to your iPhone.

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