Huntkey SZN507 Smart Power Strip Review

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Huntkey was established two decades ago as a manufacturer specialising in power supply products. Today, they have over 750,000 square meters of manufacturing space in Shenzhen, Heyuan and Hefei industrial parks in China.

They started as an OEM supplier to brands like Dell and Lenovo, but have recently started selling their own Huntkey-branded products.  Let’s take a look at one of their universal series power strips – the Huntkey SZN507 smart power strip.

Huntkey SZN507 Smart Power Strip

The Huntkey SZN507 is part of the Huntkey universal series of power strips. They are called the universal series because the power sockets support major plug types in the United States, Europe and Asia.


The Huntkey SZN507 Power Strip

The Huntkey SZN507 comes in a clear plastic package with a cardboard back, so you can immediately see what you are buying. The power cord is hidden behind a cardboard printout showing the key features of the SZN507 power strip.

  • Huntkey SZN507 Smart Power Strip
  • Huntkey SZN507 Smart Power Strip

The cardboard back slides right off to reveal the power strip with the power cord inside a cardboard compartment. You will find nothing but the SNZ507 power strip inside.

  • Huntkey SZN507 Smart Power Strip
  • Huntkey SZN507 Smart Power Strip
  • Huntkey SZN507 Power Strip Mount Holes

The Huntkey SZN507 superficially looks like many power strips. It even comes with the same wall mount holes at the back. However, the SZN507 is no ordinary power strip. Let’s take a closer look!


Universal Power Sockets

The Huntkey SZN507 comes with four power sockets. These are universal power sockets that support 7 major plug types in America, Europe and Asia. Specifically, these power sockets will support the Type A, Type B, Type C, Type E, Type F, Type G and Type I plugs. However, it does not support the Type J, Type H, Type K and Type L plugs.

Huntkey SZN507 Power Strip Sockets

These power sockets are also feature “child protection”, in the form of collapsible plastic shutters over the two live pins of the socket. They prevent children from inserting the points of the scissors or a knife into the socket. The shutters will only collapse when an actual plug is inserted, and presses on them simultaneously. Smart!


USB Charging Ports

The Huntkey SZN507 comes with two USB charging ports. The two USB ports will deliver up to 10.5 W of power output – 2.1 A of current at the standard USB voltage of 5 V. Each port, however, can only deliver about 5 W of power – about 1 A of current at 5 V.

Huntkey SZN507 Power Strip USB Ports

These USB ports allow you to recharge your smartphones, tablets and power banks without requiring a separate USB power adaptor. It may not recharge as quickly as newer power banks and fast chargers which can deliver higher currents, but its key advantage is its convenience..

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