Is Hunter Biden Trapped In Azovstal With NATO Generals?!

Is Hunter Biden trapped in the bunkers under the Azovstal steel plant, together with several NATO generals?!

Take a look at the viral claim, and find out what the facts really are!


Claim : Hunter Biden Is Trapped In Azovstal With NATO Generals!

People are sharing an article by a Singaporean blogger Chua Chin Leng, who calls himself redbean and claims that Hunter Biden is trapped in the Azovstal bunkers together with several NATO generals.

His article is long and rambling, so feel free to skip to the next section for the facts!

Mariupol is a top secret American facility in Ukraine, housing bioweapon labs and all the top brass of Nato, planning and command HQ for Nato troops to attack Russia. It once housed something like 6,000 secretive soldiers in it.

Trump actually knew about this and was trying to expose it to bring down Biden and his son, who is the key member and owner of this project and facility. Trump could not say it out himself but needed the investigators to expose it against Biden.


Truth : Hunter Biden Is NOT Trapped In Azovstal With NATO Generals!

This is yet another example of pro-Russia FAKE NEWS, and here are the reasons why…

Fact #1 : Mariupol Is A City

Chua Chin Leng (aka redbean) is apparently unaware that Mariupol is a city, not an American facility.

If he was referring to Azovstal, that is a steel manufacturing complex built in Mariupol by the Soviet Union in the 1930s.

Fact #2 : Azovstal Bunkers Were Built By Soviet Union

The bunkers and tunnels under the Azovstal plant complex were built during the Cold War by the Soviet Union, to “safeguard the steel plant’s 40,000 workers in the event of a nuclear attack”.

These bunkers are not special. There are plenty of similar bunkers across Ukraine, and other ex-Soviet countries, and of course, Russia.

Fact #3 : Trump Did Not know About Azovstal

If there was truly a top secret American facility housing 6,000 NATO troops under Azovstal, Trump would have known about it while he was President.

But there is ZERO EVIDENCE he even heard of Azovstal or Mariupol, and absolutely NO EVIDENCE that there is such a facility housing NATO troops, or serving as its headquarters.

There is nothing for Trump to “expose” either. If there was any evidence, he would have exposed it all while he was US President, just to prevent Biden from winning the election.

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Fact #4 : Mariupol Is Very Close To Russian Territory

Chua Chin Leng (aka redbean) laughably claimed that the top secret American facility housed 6,000 soldiers, and is the planning and command HQ for NATO troops planning to attack Russia.

It would be idiotic for NATO to establish their headquarters so close to Russian territory and occupied Crimea, well within range of artillery and airstrikes.

In fact, Mariupol was one of the first cities to be attacked in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and completely surrounded after less than 3 weeks.

Fact #5 : Ukraine Is Not Part Of NATO

Chua Chin Leng (aka redbean) is apparently unaware that Ukraine is not a NATO member. That is precisely why why NATO cannot send its troops to help defend Ukraine.

While NATO has helped Ukraine train its soldiers as a partner nation, it does not have bases or facilities in Ukraine.

Fact #6 : There Are No NATO Troops In Ukraine

NATO has confirmed on several occasions there there are no NATO soldiers or leaders in Ukraine. Even those who were sent to advise or train Ukrainian troops were evacuated when Russia invaded Ukraine.

LANDCOM Deputy Public Affairs Officer, Major Brian Andries, recently confirmed this again :

While NATO nations are sending financial and military aid to Ukraine, no NATO soldiers or leaders are deployed to the country.

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Fact #7 : There Are No NATO Personnel Trapped In Azovstal

Chua Chin Leng (aka redbean) laughably claimed that there are “many top military, scientific and political personalitiestrapped inside this “top secret fortress“.

He even called it the “biggest and most valuable catch” for the Russians and “a trump card that Putin can use to skin the Americans slowly“.

That’s nothing more than a fantasy that has been circulating amongst the pro-Russia and pro-CCP blogs and groups, with ZERO EVIDENCE.

As of 6 May 2022, there are perhaps 2,000 Ukrainian soldiers and a few hundred civilians trapped in the tunnels and bunkers under the Azovstal steelworks.

Fact #8 : There Was Plenty Of Time To Evacuate NATO Personnel

Even if there were NATO personnel in Azovstal (there were not), they would have had 2-3 weeks to escape Mariupol before the Russians surrounded the city.

It would be illogical for Western military, scientific and politicians to stay in Mariupol, never mind hunker down in the Azovstal bunkers. Whatever for?

There were also several occasions in which civilians were allowed to evacuate the city and the Azovstal steelworks. No NATO personnel were spotted amongst them.

Fact #9 : No Helicopters Were Shot Down During Rescue Attempts

Chua Chin Leng (aka redbean) falsely claimed (intentionally?) that NATO lost several helicopters trying to rescue Hunter Biden and top NATO generals who were trapped under Azovstal.

The truth is – NATO sent no helicopters to rescue anyone from the Azovstal steel plant. They certainly did not lose any helicopters during the non-existent rescue operation.

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Credit : Daily Mail UK

Fact #10 : Ukrainian Soldiers Refused To Surrender

Chua Chin Leng (aka redbean) falsely claimed (intentionally?) that NATO tried to rescue “the top brass of the neo Nazi anti Jew Azov regiment”.

The truth is the Ukrainian soldiers holed up in the Azovstal steel plant has repeatedly refused to surrender, or leave Mariupol even when it was possible to do so.

The commander and deputy commander of the Azov regiment publicly refused on many occasions to leave Mariupol, stating that as long as they are still there, “Mariupol remains under control of Ukraine”.

Fact #11 : Hunter Biden Is Not In Ukraine

Chua Chin Leng (aka redbean) laughably and falsely claimed (intentionally?)  that Hunter Biden could be one of those trapped in the Azovstal bunkers.

Hunter Biden was publicly seen at the White House Easter Egg Roll on 18 April 2022 – more than 2 weeks before Chuan Chin Leng posted his article.

That would mean Chua Chin Leng is either incredibly ignorant, or he is intentionally trying to mislead you.

Let me be clear – Hunter Biden is not trapped in a bunker under the Azovstal steel plant. He is still in the United States.

There isn’t even a logical reason for Hunter Biden to go to Ukraine, much less Mariupol or the Azovstal steel plant.

Hunter Biden, the son of US President Joe Biden, is seen during the annual White House Easter Egg Roll on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, DC on April 18, 2022. (Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images)

Fact #12 : Canadian General Cadieu Is Not In Azovstal Either

Chua Chin Leng (aka redbean) also claimed, without evidence, that Canada’s top army general is also trapped in the Azovstal bunkers.

That is quite impossible because former Lieutenant-General Trevor Cadieu only left for Ukraine after he resigned from the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF).

By the time he was able to leave for Ukraine, the city of Mariupol had already been surrounded by Russian forces for about 3 weeks.

Not only would it be impossible for Cadieu to get into Mariupol, it would be pointless. What use would a general be in the tunnels under Azovstal?

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Fact #13 : NATO Did Not Plan To Invade Russia

Chua Chin Leng (aka redbean) also falsely claimed (intentionally?) that NATO intended to attack Russia from Mariupol.

NATO did not plan to invade Russia. Not even Russia dare to claim that as a reason for invading Ukraine.

Russia invaded Ukraine, ostensibly to “denazify the country”, not because NATO was preparing to invade Russia.

Fact #14 : You Can’t Invade Russia With 6,000 Soldiers

Laughably, Chua Chin Leng (aka redbean) claimed that NATO inserted 6,000 soldiers into their Mariupol base to invade Russia.

Think about how ridiculous that is. What could those 6,000 troops do against Russia, which has over a million active duty military personnel?

We should note that Russia deployed no less than 130,000 troops to invade Ukraine, and even they were forced to retreat from Kyiv!

Chua Chin Leng should spend his time drinking red bean soup, and leave geopolitics and the military to people who actually know something about either.

Unfortunately, many pro-Russian and pro-CCP groups are sharing his stupid article on WhatsApp, Telegram, Twitter and Facebook.

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