GIGABYTE Case Mod Showcase At Computex 2016

On the third day of Computex 2016, we spent half a day at GIGABYTE’s 36th floor VIP Showroom in Taipei 101. One of the attractions that took up our time was the GIGABYTE Case Mod Showcase that occupied the center of their VIP Showroom.

The GIGABYTE case mod showcase featured incredible case mods by top case modders from around the world, including Maciel Barreto from Brazil and Suchao Prowphong from Thailand.

We also took four videos of these incredible case mods to share with you. We hope they will inspire you to create such creative case mods too!


Alien Case Mod By Maciel Barreto

This Alien case mod is by Maciel Barreto of Brazil. He is an award-winning case modder who is renown for his hand-made case mods. This Alien case mode is built around the Intel Core i7-6700K processor, GIGABYTE GA-Z170X Ultra Gaming motherboard and GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 960 graphics card.


Ghostbuster LEGO Case Mod By GIGABYTE

This case mod was built by Benny Shieh and Janus Yeh from GIGABYTE using a retail LEGO Ghostbuster Firehouse set. To demonstrate their creativity, the GIGABYTE modders mounted the motherboard and other components solely using LEGO bricks! They then retrofitted the flood lamps and factory lights inside and outside the Firehall with LEDs, and even coated some to give them a yellow tint.

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Gatling Gun Case Mod by Suchao Prowphong

This Gatling gun case mod was built by Suchao Prowphong from Thailand. A world-renown case modder, he has hand-crafted more than 17 of such case mods. This one features a revolving Gatling gun design built around the GIGABYTE GA-X170 EXTREME ECC motherboard with water cooling for both CPU and graphics card!


Forklift Case Mod by Suchao Prowphong

This is the second case mod by Suchao Prowphong in the GIGABYTE case mod showcase. In this case mod, he retrofits the small GIGABYTE GA-H170 WIFI motherboard and a water cooling system into a mini forklift. Amazing work!

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