GELID ZenTree USB Charging Station Review

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The GELID ZenTree USB Charging Station

The GELID ZenTree USB charging station is made up of a base unit that contains the USB charging ports, and a unique 3D tree array lid with with a removable silicone rubber cover. The lid is secured by two locks that allow for quick access to the USB ports inside.

The four micro USB cables (provided in the package) allow you to charge up to four devices simultaneously. If you have Apple devices though, you will need to use your own Lightning cables, as the GELID ZenTree does not come with any Lightning cable. This video shows you how to install and use the GELID ZenTree USB charging station.

Now, the GELID ZenTree is not just a fancy powered USB hub. Let’s take a closer look at the GELID ZenTree’s key features.


Fast & Smart Charging

The four USB ports in the GELID ZenTree are not ordinary USB 2.0 ports. They can deliver up to 2.4 A of current simultaneously. Standard USB 2.0 ports can only deliver up to 1.5 A of current. This means the ZenTree can potentially recharge your mobile devices 60% faster than if you used an ordinary USB 2.0 port.

Of course, that high output is only part of the story. The ZenTree has a smart chip that automatically negotiates the best charging current for the device. This ensures the most efficient charging speed, while helping to extend the lifespan of the device’s battery. The GELID ZenTree is about 87% efficient in converting power from an AC source into the DC power for the USB ports.

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3D Tree Array

The 3D tree array is not only aesthetically-pleasing, it accommodates devices of all sizes in any position. You can also loop the cables around the “trees”.

The 3D tree array is covered with a layer of green silicone rubber. This soft anti-slip layer not only protects your smartphones and tablets from being scratched, it also prevents your devices from slipping off. This silicone rubber layer even peels off for easy cleaning.

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