GELID ZenTree USB Charging Station Review

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Smartphones and tablets are now so ubiquitous that most families own multiple devices. Charging them becomes a real problem. More so if you also own smartwatches or smartbands. You either use multiple chargers, or recharge them in turns. This is where USB charging stations come in. They allow multiple devices to be recharged at once.

Most are just glorified USB hubs that are used to supply power. But once in a while, you come across a really unique USB charging station that is not only functional and aesthetic pleasing, but also designed to quick charge your devices. We present the GELID ZenTree USB charging station!

GELID ZenTree Docking Station Review


GELID ZenTree Specifications

SpecificationsGELID ZenTree
Number of USB ports4
Maximum Output Current2.4 A per port
Maximum Power Output12 W per port
48 W total
Power Conversion Efficiency> 87%
Idle Power Consumption0.04 W
Dimensions224 mm wide x 159 mm deep x 95 mm high
Weight590 grams
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Unboxing The GELID ZenTree

The GELID ZenTree USB charging station comes in an attractive white retail box with a handle for easy transport. Be sure to check the bottom of the box for the plug type. GELID offers a choice of four different plug heads. This video takes you through our unboxing process.

Once you remove everything from the box, you should find the following items :

  • One GELID ZenTree USB charging station
  • One GELID ZenTree installation instruction sheet
  • Two cable holders (with double-sided tape applied)
  • Four micro USB cables (40 cm long)
  • One power cord (four plug type options)

Now, let’s take a closer look at the GELID ZenTree and check out how well it works!

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