Find Out How To Get Your Free Acer Active Stylus!

Despite some news to the contrary, the Acer Active Stylus is an optional accessory for the 2017 Acer Spin 5 convertible laptop. Let us clear up the confusion, and tell you how you can get the Acer Active Stylus absolutely FREE!


The Acer Active Stylus Confusion

In our coverage on the 2017 Acer Spin 5 convertible laptop, we pointed out that the Acer Active Stylus was an optional accessory. Some publications reported otherwise, leading to confusion and some disgruntled customers.

We checked with Acer Malaysia, who confirmed that their official press release remain correct – the Acer Active Stylus, was and still is, an optional accessory.

However, they also confirmed that they gave away the Active Stylus free with the 13.3″ Acer Spin 5 as part of a special offer. They also said that they are now extending the same offer to the 15.6″ Acer Spin 5.

So that’s the good news – everyone who purchased the new 2017 Acer Spin 5 will receive a FREE Acer Active Stylus!


How To Get The Free Acer Active Stylus

Acer Malaysia included the Active Stylus in the package of every 13.3″ model of the 2017 Acer Spin 5. If you purchased one, the Active Stylus should already be inside the package.

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If you purchased the 15.6″ model, you will need to send an email with a proof of purchase (receipt or tax invoice) to Acer Malaysia will make arrangements to send you the free Acer Active Stylus in a month or so.

The free Acer Active Stylus is classified as complimentary, and is not part of the standard 2017 Acer Spin 5 package. That means Acer will only send one to you, if you ask them about it.

So help spread the word, so that all Acer Spin 5 customers are aware that they’re entitled to a free Active Stylus!


The Official Acer Malaysia Statement

Here is a statement by the Acer Malaysia rep who spoke to us about the Active Stylus issue :

The 13.3″ and 15.6″ Spin 5 support the Acer Active Stylus, which is an optional accessory. The stylus is not a standard bundle with the device during shipment. However, Acer Malaysia is giving the Acer Active Stylus FOC with any purchase of the newly launched Spin 5 (both 13.3″ and 15.6″ models). 
The 13.3″ model was shipped with the stylus. Customers who bought the 15.6″ model can send an email with proof of purchase (Tax Invoice) to to claim their complimentary stylus. The arrangement and process will take about 1 month.

Share this article, so that all Acer Spin 5 customers are aware that they’re entitled to a free Active Stylus!

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