Did Exploding Samsung Smartphones Kill 3 In Florida?

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News of Samsung Galaxy Note7 phablets catching fire, or getting banned from flights, have permeated the Internet almost on a daily basis. Today even saw a report of a truck filled with exploding Samsung smartphones killed 3 people in Florida. Check out the report for yourself :

Did Exploding Samsung Smartphones Kill 3 In Florida?

A semi-trailer truck exploded this morning in Florida, after the Samsung phones it was carrying began exploding, killing 3 people and injuring 11 others.

According to witnesses, a series of explosion took place in the truck’s cargo trailer, setting it ablaze.

Within a few seconds, blazing smartphones were flying in the air in all directions, hitting nearby vehicles at extremely high speeds.

“It was totally crazy! There were hundreds of flaming phones coming out of the trailer at bullet speed,” says Jamal Anderson, whose car was hit by three phones. “It looked like a huge firework with flames and explosions everywhere.” 

Seven nearby vehicles were hit by the flaming projectiles, leading to a dramatic car crash involving 17 vehicles.

Did Exploding Samsung Smartphones Kill 3 In Florida?

Samsung Electronics has already recognized many security issues with it’s new smartphone model.

Several people posted images and videos of charred Galaxy Note7s online and said their phones had caught on fire or that their phone battery had exploded.

Samsung Electronics finally delayed shipments of its premium Note7 smartphone, wiping almost $7 billion off its market value.

The phones that exploded were models that had been recalled until further tests have been completed.


The Truck With Exploding Samsung Smartphones Does Not Exist

If you haven’t figured it out yet, the news report is NOT true. There was no truck filled with Samsung smartphones that exploded anywhere in Florida, or in the world for the matter. But why should you believe us? Let us show you the evidence…


1. The pictures were misappropriated

The first picture was of a trailer that exploded after it collided with another trailer on Interstate 10 highway near a south Phoenix suburb on November 9, 2011. The accident killed one of the drivers. The picture was taken by Mark Henle of the Arizona Republic.

  • Did Exploding Samsung Smartphones Kill 3 In Florida?
  • Did Exploding Samsung Smartphones Kill 3 In Florida?

The second picture was of a 46-car pileup on the southbound Interstate 75 highway on the Manatee / Sarasota county line. This accident happened on October 5, 2012.


2. Exploding batteries will not turn smartphones into bullets

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The Samsung Galaxy Note7 devices that were reported to have “exploded” did not actually explode like a bomb. Rather, they caught on fire.

Of course, lithium ion batteries can and do actually explode, but guess what? The Samsung Galaxy Note7 has a metal chassis and is protected on both front and back by Gorilla Glass 5. An exploding battery may split the device along the seams, but it won’t turn the Galaxy Note7 into a flying projectile.

Even if, hypothetically, an exploding Samsung Galaxy Note7 is sent flying at high speed like a bullet, it would still be stopped by the steel wall of the shipping container. Yes, shipping containers have steel walls…

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3. World News Daily Report Is A Hoax / Satire Website

While many clickbait websites have started to post the same article, the original website was identified as World News Daily Report. It is not a genuine news website, but one that is satirical in nature. None of the articles posted on that website is true, as far as we can tell.


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