Details Of The Samsung DeX Pad for Galaxy S9 Leaked!

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9 promises a big upgrade in photographic capabilities, but that’s not all Samsung will be revealing soon. To be paired with the Samsung Galaxy S9 – a new DeX docking station called the Samsung DeX Pad.


Introducing The Samsung DeX Pad for Galaxy S9!

The Samsung DeX dock was originally designed for the Samsung Galaxy S8, allowing for a desktop-like working experience. All you need to do is hook up the DeX to a display, a mouse and a keyboard.

Thanks to serial leaker Evan Blass, we now have the actual pictures and details of the new Samsung DeX Pad dock, which will complement the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9.

The Samsung DeX Pad will retain these ports :

  • two full-size USB 2.0 Type A ports,
  • a full-size HDMI 2.0 port, and
  • a USB 3.1 Type C port (for power input).

There are some changes over the original Samsung DeX though :

  • The smartphone will lay flat on the DeX Pad.
  • The 100 Mbps Ethernet port has been removed.

The flat layout is said to allow the Galaxy S9 to be used as a touch pad, or virtual keyboard.

However, that may not be very practical, since the Galaxy S9 will be significantly elevated above the table. The dock connector, which appears to jut above the base of the docked smartphone, will also get in the way.

The missing LAN port is no real loss. Some hotels still offer Internet over LAN cables, but the vast majority will offer WiFi access as well.

Although it will be marketed at Galaxy S9 users, the DeX Pad will likely work with Samsung Galaxy S8 devices as well.

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