Desktop Kaby Lake Processor Launch Details Leaked!

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As AMD gears up to launch the AMD Ryzen desktop processor in early Q1 2017, Intel has finalised the launch plans for their desktop Kaby Lake processors, and the accompanying 200 Series chipsets.

Desktop Kaby Lake Processor Launch Details Leaked!

Although Intel has been extremely secretive, we managed to obtain the specifications and launch details of the desktop Kaby Lake processors, and the 200 Series chipsets. Check it out! 😀


It’s All Happening At CES 2017!

We can now confirm that Intel will announce the desktop Kaby Lake processors and Intel 200 Series chipsets on January 4 at CES 2017. The news conference will be held from 4:00 to 4:45 PM at the Mandalay Bay Ballroom E, but the media NDA is set to 1 AM, Pacific Standard Time on January 5, 2017.

CES 2017

The 8-hour delay allows the media in the rest of the world to catch up and prepare their stories for publication. So officially, the launch date for the desktop Kaby Lake processors, as well as the Intel 200 Series chipsets, is January 5, 2017.


The Desktop Kaby Lake Processors

The desktop Kaby Lake processors offer evolutionary upgrades over their desktop Skylake counterparts. The key improvements include :

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  • a new 14 nm+ tri-gate process technology that delivers 12% higher clock speeds
  • hardware decoding of H.264, HEVC Main, VP9 (10-bit and 8-bit) video.
  • hardware encoding of H.264, HEVC Main, VP9 (8-bit only) video.
  • support for HDCP 2.2 and Intel Optane Technology
  • improved graphics processor
  • Intel Speed Shift 2, which allows for faster switching of clock speeds

For more information on Intel Kaby Lake, take a look at The Intel Kaby Lake Processor Tech Briefing.

Here is the list of the desktop Kaby Lake (Kaby Lake-S) processors that will be announced at CES 2017.

Processor ModelCores | ThreadsBase FrequencyL3 CacheTDPSocketLaunch Price
Xeon E3-1205 v64 | 83.0 GHz8 MBTBDTBDTBD
Core i7-7700K4 | 84.2 GHz8 MB95 WLGA1151US$ 349
Core i7-77004 | 83.6 GHz8 MB65 WLGA1151US$ 309
Core i7-7700T4 | 82.9 GHz8 MB35 WLGA1151TBD
Core i5-7600K4 | 43.8 GHz6 MB95 WLGA1151US$ 239
Core i5-76004 | 43.5 GHz6 MB65 WLGA1151US$ 219
Core i5-7600T4 | 42.8 GHz6 MB35 WLGA1151TBD
Core i5-75004 | 43.4 GHz6 MB65 WLGA1151US$ 199
Core i5-7500T4 | 42.7 GHz6 MB35 WLGA1151TBD
Core i5-74004 | 43.0 GHz6 MB65 WLGA1151US$ 189
Core i5-7400T4 | 42.4 GHz6 MB35 WLGA1151TBD
Core i3-73002 | 44.0 GHz6 MB51 WLGA1151TBD
Core i3-7310T2 | 43.4 GHz6 MB35 WLGA1151TBD
Pentium G46202 | 23.8 GHz4 MB51 WLGA1151TBD
Pentium G39502 | 23.0 GHz4 MB35 WLGA1151TBD
Pentium G39302 | 22.9 GHz4 MB35 WLGA1151TBD
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The Intel 200 Series Chipsets

The desktop Kaby Lake processors will be supported by these Intel 200 Series chipsets :

ChipsetSocketSteppingProduct CodeS-Spec
Intel C422TBDA0GL82C422SR2WG
Intel X299TBDA0GL82X299SR2Z2
Intel Z270LGA1151A0GL82Z270SR2WB
Intel H270LGA1151A0GL82H270SR2WA
Intel Q270LGA1151A0GL82Q270SR2WE
Intel B250LGA1151A0GL82B250SR2WC
Intel Q250LGA1151A0GL82Q250SR2WD


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