The 11 New ASUS Z370 Motherboards Revealed!

Intel have officially launched the 8th Generation Intel Core processors (codenamed Coffee Lake)! In this article, we will share with you details, videos, pictures and specifications of the 11 new ASUS Z370 motherboards you can pair with your Intel Coffee Lake processor of choice! Which of these ASUS Z370 motherboards will fit your requirements? Read on and find out!

Everything You Need To Know About The ASUS Z370 Motherboards

We will go into the details of the individual ASUS Z370 motherboards, including their specifications. Here are their direct links :

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Don’t forget to also check out our video overviews of the 11 ASUS Z370 motherboards :

Finally, we will share with you the ASUS Z370 motherboard prices and availability, as well as purchase links :

But first, let’s take a look at the presentations on the ASUS Z370 motherboards and a special overclocking demonstration by Coolice!

Updated @ 2017-10-06 : Added the ASUS Z370 motherboard prices and availability. Various minor changes.

Originally posted @ 2017-09-29


The New ASUS Z370 Coffee Lake Motherboards Revealed!

At an exclusive regional shindig, ASUS gave us the lowdown on their upcoming Z370 motherboards. Let’s start with the ROG Z370 Gaming series of motherboards.

Then ASUS revealed the new TUF Gaming series for casual gamers, and the ASUS Prime Z370-A motherboard.

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Watch Coolice Overclock The Core i7-8700K To 6.6 GHz!

ASUS also brought overclocker Coolice to showcase the overclockability of the 8th Generation Intel Core processor. He paired the Intel Core i7-8700K with the new ASUS Maximus X Apex Z370 motherboard and used liquid nitrogen cooling, to achieve a clock speed of 6.6 GHz!

Now, let’s take a look at the details and specifications of the new ASUS Z370 motherboards!

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