ASUS Power Case (CB71) For ZenPad 7.0 Review

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The Power Case Up Close

The Power Case for the ASUS ZenPad 7.0 looks like a normal ZenCase from a distance. It is just thicker and heavier, with a dark chrome trim for a classier look. On the inner side, there is a label and an 8-point power and data connector. Check out how the black Power Case looks on a white ZenPad 7.0.

The Power Case comes with a USB charging dongle. It doesn’t come with a power adaptor for this dongle because you can use your ZenPad 7.0‘s existing power adaptor. You don’t actually have to use the dongle. Once you install the Power Case onto the ZenPad 7.0, recharging the ZenPad 7.0‘s internal battery will also recharge the Power Case.

The dongle has two magnetic pads with two pegs on the underside. Together, they securely lock onto the power and data connector. Then all you need to do is plug in a USB cable to recharge the Power Case. Although less convenient than recharging the Power Case on the ZenPad 7.0, the dongle allows for a faster recharge.


The Power Case’s Performance

ASUS promised that the Power Case will double the ZenPad 7.0‘s battery life from 8 hours to 16 hours. Our tests show that the ZenPad 7.0‘s battery life under heavy use is about 4.5 hours. The Power Case extends that by 6.5 hours to just over 11 hours, more than doubling its battery life.

With light use, you can expect the rated 16 hours of battery life, but if you play games non-stop on it, expect it to run out of juice after 7.5 hours. While this falls short of the rated battery life of “up to 16 hours”, the Power Case erases all battery life anxiety for ZenPad 7.0 users. You can use it for a full working day without worrying about running out of battery power.

We also checked how long it took to fully recharge both the ZenPad 7.0‘s internal battery and the Power Case – 14 hours 24 minutes. This was based on the 7 W power adaptor that came with the ASUS ZenPad 7.0. Charging will be slower if you plug the ZenPad 7.0 (with the Power Case attached) to a computer USB port. If you need a quicker charge, you should remove the Power Case and recharge it using the charging dongle.


Our Verdict

The ASUS Power Case for the ZenPad 7.0 should not be considered an optional upgrade. It is a necessary upgrade, because it solves the ZenPad 7.0‘s biggest flaw – its limited battery life.

[adrotate banner=”4″]Although it looks like a ZenCase, it adds quite a bit of heft (100 grams or 3.5 oz) to the ZenPad 7.0, which weighs just 272 g (9.6 oz). That is a 36% increase in its weight. You will feel it, but IMHO, it’s worth the extra battery life.

Installing the Power Case will also increase the time it takes to recharge the ZenPad 7.0. It is simply too inconvenient to remove the Power Case for a quicker recharge, so you will have to live with the long charging time.

If you intend to buy the ASUS ZenPad 7.0, or already own one, make sure you get the Power Case. It will transform your ZenPad 7.0 tablet, allowing you to really use it “hard” without worrying about running out of juice.


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