Alcatel Flash 2 Smartphone Review

Our Verdict On The Alcatel Flash 2

Our Verdict On The Alcatel Flash 2

We are very impressed with the Alcatel Flash 2 smartphone. At first, we doubted they could really achieve the level of performance they promised, but it looks like they really pulled it off.

The Alcatel Flash 2 (Lazada / Amazon) delivers much better camera performance than we have seen in other smartphones with the same price point. It can take 13 MP pictures with dual-tone flash, with a 5 MP selfie camera that even has its own flash! On top of that, its main camera can record full HD videos, something that many similar smartphones cannot do.

Alcatel Flash 2 Smartphone Review

Alcatel didn’t skimp in the performance department either, opting for an 8-core MediaTek processor. That made it much faster than more expensive smartphones out there. The Alcatel Flash 2 also has a generous 2 GB of RAM, with 16 GB of internal storage. Since it runs on pure Android 5.1 Lollipop, that is more than adequate for most users.

The downside though is a shorter battery life, because the 8-core processor does sap more battery than a quad-core processor. It should last a good 8 hours though. The good news is, even though it doesn’t support Fast Charging, you can fully charge it in less than 3 hours.

Although it comes with a complete set of accessories, their quality leaves much to be desired. Probably the most useful is the screen protector. Still, we are glad that they spent the real money on the Flash 2’s hardware, instead of those accessories.

The Alcatel Flash 2 (Lazada / Amazon) is a hidden gem. It delivers a whole lot of features and capabilities at the highly affordable price of just RM 549 (Lazada) / ~US$ 129 (Amazon). If you are on a budget but want a smartphone that can double as a good camera, the Alcatel Flash 2 is definitely worth your serious consideration.


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